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Friday, January 21, 2011

kawan sy merajuk dgn sy..salah sy ke?

this entry is dedicated to my friend..not sure if he's reading this or not..hope he does!

saya cuma nk ckp..salah saya ke kamu nk merajuk dgn sy?sy rasa sy yg ptt makan hati dgn kamu..
sy dh booking kamu 1 day earlier tp bila tiba masanya kamu tetiba kensel..pdhal masa tu sy betul2 mengharap..
sy sanggup tunggu..tunggu lbh 2 jam!lps tu kamu suruh saya tunggu lagi 1 jam?aduh!mana sy tak tensen!dan sy mmg betul2 marah masa tu..frust pun ada..It's as if our friendship means nothing to you. It's not always i ask for help from a friend so once i asked (there must be a good reason why i ask for help) and been rejected at the very last minute of course i've gone mad!rasanya siapa2 di tempat aku pun akan rasa benda yg sama.


yes! I was!

tp I xnk pnjgkan cerita..that is why I ask u personally to hang out with others..
but then u give me excuses..saying not feeling good..
but to another friend you said you merajuk...

I was like..WTH??

aku atau kau yg patut merajuk?
huhuhu... explanation?
maybe we are getting older and more sensitive each day..

so friend..let just forget what has happened..this all crap things..

but do consider a friends feeling when u let down their feelings.. especially when they seldom ask for favors! peace and love you! =)

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