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Friday, May 8, 2009

new card design

erm..last nite i manage to do another wedding card design..simple but nice..more of a way i interpret it as elegant. different people with different opinion,right?however, the inlay not done yet!because of my PC. damn!!thinking of upgrading my goes..

Names,dates and that 'kerawang2' stuff is meant to be in hot stamping

signature of FZ at the back ^-^

As for the inlay..just normal, simple design like other normal wedding cards.

I manage to do some costing for this card. It cost around rm 0.70 to rm 0.90 for 500pcs. Meaning if more than 1000pcs,will get cheaper. Actually, rm 0.70 is cheap for 500pcs. cos I manage to see something similar to this card at a well known wedding card shop in KL,quite expensive. i'll update this more detail in FZ's official for further just go to

p/s i wonder why the colour is kelabu asap?it's supposed to be black & white. by the way, colour are not fixed. got many choices but subject to availability

Monday, May 4, 2009

new ikea stuff..MALM bed side table

fresh from oven..hehehe..

all the tools required

MALM bedside table together with ikea table lamp.

getting harder & harder to wake up each day..

my next mission..getting a new curtain!!

erm.. just came back from such a long called 'hari pekerja' hehehe.. been going everywhere..from times square (our check point as always) to midvalley to ikea to kl to kajang to seremban to kl to klia..huwaa...duit pn keluar cam air je..hehehe...

after all that exhausted activities,finally returned home sweet home..tired,sleepy but excited..excited to assemble the new MALM side table i bought from IKEA which i havent had time to even unwrap it. i dont knowlah..but since i bought the IKEA bed frame(which i assembled myself,huh!penat tau!), i've enjoyed assembling furniture on my own..that's why i'm so eager to see the side table stands though i'm just so damn tired. it is fun..n ihave to say that i admire ikea concept.however, i have to admit that this time it is a bit difficult..not that the instruction is not clear or watsoever, its just that you have to handle with tiny miny things that make it a little bit hard.


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