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Thursday, December 10, 2009

That's the way it is

I can read your mind and I know your story
I see what you're going through
It's an uphill climb, and I'm feeling sorry
But I know it will come to you
Don't surrender 'cause you can win
In this thing called love

When you want it the most
there's no easy way out
When you're ready to go and your heart's left in doubt
Don't give up on your faith
Love comes to those who believe it
And that's the way it is

When you question me for a simple answer
I don't know what to say, no
But it's plain to see, if you stick together
You're gonna find a way, yeah
So don't surrender 'cause you can win
In this thing called love

When you want it the most there's no easy way out
When you're ready to go and your heart's left in doubt
Don't give up on your faith
Love comes to those who believe it
And that's the way it is

When life is empty with no tomorrow
And loneliness starts to call
Baby, don't worry, forget your sorrow
'Cause love's gonna conquer it all, all

When you want it the most there's no easy way out
When you're ready to go and your heart's left in doubt
Don't give up on your faith
Love comes to those who believe it
And that's the way it is

When you want it the most there's no easy way out
When you're ready to go and your heart's left in doubt
Don't give up on your faithLove comes to those who believe it
And that's the way it is

That's the way it is
That's the way it is, babe

Don't give up on your faith
Love comes to those who believe it
And that's the way it is.

*conclusion - dont give up!yeah!strive for what u believe..

Monday, December 7, 2009

special dedication to my best fren..Pn. Farhana Mohd Noor

just something to share...something utk kenang2an diriku my best friend is now married ..huhuhu...i was there by her side for the whole 2 days..saat akhir dia bergelar isteri org..cheh!hurm..hard to describe my feelings during last weekend..i was touched!!!terharu sgt...mcm aku lak yg kawen..hampeh tul!yer..Pn nangis!btullah apa yg kamu dgr tu..sob..sob..sob..pengakuan jujur dari awal2 lagi sdh menahan sebak..masa tok imam tu baca khutbah lagi,mata sy dh sndri tidak tahu knape..mngkn sy btl2 menjiwai apa yg di sampaikan..tmbh lagi bila tgk ibu kamu mengangis ketika berucap..amatlah terharu sy sehingga sy sdh tdk tertahan..lalu menitislah airmata dari mata cpt2 sy cover sbb nnti org kata..pehal minah ni nk nangis lak?sape yg kawen sbnrnya ni?hehehe...honestly,it was the 2nd time i felt touched by listening to khutbah kahwin..tak tau knape..masa khutbah di bacakan sy teringat akan segala perbuatan sy..kesilapan2 lampau sy..lalu tak tertahan..dan setiap kali itulah sy nekad utk memperbetulkan segala kesilapan yg pnh sy lakukan..

Selamat pengantin baru,sahabatku..semoga bahagia ke akhir hayat..aku tumpang gembira atas ikatan kamu berdua..i know he's the best for you..dan maafkanlah kesilapan sy dahulu..masa awal2 dulu hubungan kamu..i thought i was doing the best thing for my fren but i was wrong..i'm so sorry..

hurm..present tuk kamu tak sempat nk ada terpikir dh nk beli hadiah yg sgt disbbkn kamu yg nk sy cpt2 g Mlaka so sy tak sempat nk beli..sori yer..nk beli skrg dh tak best..sbb feel dia dh lain dh beri kamu hadiah yg plg bererti..bererti ke?hehehe sendri ckp lak..takpelah..pnat tu..tlg kipas kamu kt ats pelamin tu..2 hari lak kan knape masa julang tu dia tak julang pengapit skali er?hehehe..

Nway,sy lupa nk puji kamu haritu..kamu nmpk cantik!cantik sgt..

Thursday, November 26, 2009


erm..such a long time..dh lama rasanyer aku tak meluahkan rasa rindu pd seseorang..yes!aku rindukan dia..for quite sometimes the feeling went missing in my heart..but now here it come again..n i know the feeling is much stronger than before..but yet i still need to search in myself..searching for the truth..mencari kejujuran dlm diri ini..and it is not easy..after what i have done..decision have to be made..aku tak boleh mebiarkan semuanya berlalu mengikut masa..i have to take charge!!but this time,it have to be final and permanent..God!life is too's like gambling..gambling with life..watever decision i made,i hope it comes deep down in my heart..with the guide from Allah...cos i really need that..sometimes i wonder..why cant my life be normal like others?why does it have to be such a drama?is it bcos i'm such a drama queen? kdg2 hidup mcm drama ni best gives u ups and where the adventure comes..but too much drama????is just killing!!meantime,chill out!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


life have been upside down for me this few months..i dont know exactly what has happen to me.. i thought i have found the love of my life but things have been more complicated than ever..problems occur everyday. i have done everything in my will to keep things together. guess this is what life really meant to be..sometimes you are at the top and by the time you realized it you are at the very bottom of the world. things that you have done to others may surprised to be stabbed back at you..and yup!that is what happens to me..i left the one and only precious thing that ever belong to me for the sake of my own satisfaction..of what i thought is my happiness but look at what happen to me?i've been taken for granted.played as a ball.kicked here and there.guessed you will never get what you really insist in life. that things dont exist so everyone stop dreaming!!!just be grateful and thankful to whatever that you're having satisfied with what you owned now.ever heard of what people say life is unfair???well..let another person quote it back..LIFE IS UNFAIR!!!!!it is not a win-win situation.and never will!one will always be unsatisfied while the other will enjoy their is time for me to back off..time for me to stay wide awake that true love doesnt exist in life.but i'm still hoping that life will turn better for me as i have realized the mistake of my my life. for those that i have failed and dissapointed,i truly am sorry for whatever that i have done in chasing my insists. there is no more hope as i am badly injured and depressed.enough is enough..

Friday, May 8, 2009

new card design

erm..last nite i manage to do another wedding card design..simple but nice..more of a way i interpret it as elegant. different people with different opinion,right?however, the inlay not done yet!because of my PC. damn!!thinking of upgrading my goes..

Names,dates and that 'kerawang2' stuff is meant to be in hot stamping

signature of FZ at the back ^-^

As for the inlay..just normal, simple design like other normal wedding cards.

I manage to do some costing for this card. It cost around rm 0.70 to rm 0.90 for 500pcs. Meaning if more than 1000pcs,will get cheaper. Actually, rm 0.70 is cheap for 500pcs. cos I manage to see something similar to this card at a well known wedding card shop in KL,quite expensive. i'll update this more detail in FZ's official for further just go to

p/s i wonder why the colour is kelabu asap?it's supposed to be black & white. by the way, colour are not fixed. got many choices but subject to availability

Monday, May 4, 2009

new ikea stuff..MALM bed side table

fresh from oven..hehehe..

all the tools required

MALM bedside table together with ikea table lamp.

getting harder & harder to wake up each day..

my next mission..getting a new curtain!!

erm.. just came back from such a long called 'hari pekerja' hehehe.. been going everywhere..from times square (our check point as always) to midvalley to ikea to kl to kajang to seremban to kl to klia..huwaa...duit pn keluar cam air je..hehehe...

after all that exhausted activities,finally returned home sweet home..tired,sleepy but excited..excited to assemble the new MALM side table i bought from IKEA which i havent had time to even unwrap it. i dont knowlah..but since i bought the IKEA bed frame(which i assembled myself,huh!penat tau!), i've enjoyed assembling furniture on my own..that's why i'm so eager to see the side table stands though i'm just so damn tired. it is fun..n ihave to say that i admire ikea concept.however, i have to admit that this time it is a bit difficult..not that the instruction is not clear or watsoever, its just that you have to handle with tiny miny things that make it a little bit hard.

Monday, April 27, 2009

weekend activity..the ever 1st time i bake something!

Last weekend was the very first time in the history i was willing to do something in the kitchen..hehehe..i make donuts..actually, i thought about it 3 weeks before but as always things come across..but alhamdulillah i manage to make it reality last week..
hurm..of course credit to my mom..the head chef...without her of course i had no idea on how to do gave me some tips that i'm sure gonna practic if i ever gonna bake again..hehehe..but it was actually fun..n i'm thinking of doing another kuih pulak next time..erm..what er?maybe caramel puding?cos dh lama tak makan..huwaa..

my donuts tgh naik..ready to be cook

my finish product. have to be put in seal place so that nanti tak keras..keras tak sedap..n the donut sengaja to be goreng garing sket..cos my family loves something that is crunchy.

hurm..thinking of doing dunkin donut..but the choc spoiled it!!!the choc was too 'cair'.. coklat jahat!!!

As on Sunday,i manage to finish drafting my friend's wedding card..her wedding is at the end of this year but of course as always i'm so eager with anything that has to do with wedding...hurm..maybe i should change my profession to wedding planner?not a bad idea..hahaha..

front cover..will be printed on silver metallic 240g paper with all the writings and pic on silver hotstamp.

the inside. will be printed on the paper itself with black ink.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My bz weekend!!!!purple room with ikea bed..

Last weekend i suppose was the busiest week for me.. i have been busy here and there,setting up my room. (Been hunger for my own room,finally!!!)Well, Since my mom said find the best furniture for the room, katanyer nanti nk kawen i dont really mind spending that much money for just a room. Plus more we, human beings spend much of our life in the bed..of course i want a cosy place to sleep,a place that is just privately for me..and some more 'HIM' is willing to spend half on takdelah terasa sangat kan?after more, he'll be my roomate someday..insyaallah..hehehe..
Erm,back to the point..on Saturday, i got dentist appoinment at 10.30 am and finished around 12pm. i went to buy some more paint after my brother had ruining my wall with his painting skills!!So, finally i chose purple as my colour.. Dulux 90RB 23/228 FABLE 1Lfor my feature wall and Dulux 90RB 68/085 Lyrical Poetry 5L which cost me rm29 X 2 = rm 58 and rm106. Total cost for wall painting = rm164. Then, i head home,rest,watching tv,played with my nephew..thinking about going to Post office to withdraw money from ASB (since i have ran out of money in my account,had to withdraw from ASB!!!!)but terasa malas...but because i wanted to go to ikea the next day,since it's the last day of sale!!!so i went to the maluri post office only to find out that ASB are offline during weekends.meaning,operation just during working days.sigh!erm..never mind..just window shopping at jusco..but was torturing..i had to control myself not to buy anything...n lol! end up i did buy i dont know what its called.multipurpose drawer?or watever..
Heading back home..thinking how am i suppose to get the room painted?since i never experience painting..but there you bro in law is in the first i thought of asking him to just mix the paint for me and i'll be painting myself..but then my brother came back from i hired them to do all the return have to spend rm108 for Dominos in the house..finished painting until midnight..n they just left all the cleaning to the next morning, i have to clean the mess up!hell!it was tiring..but looking at the room..erm..not satisfied leaving the beam all i paint it!finish painting + cleaning around 7pm...tiring already..planned to go to Ikea in the afternoon but drag to after several visits to the store, i bought ikea MALM bed frame which cost rm749. transportation? white myvi!!thanks to it!!my myvi can actually fit the whole bed!!!macam tak caya..even the salesperson said that it cannot fit..but me n my brother just throw everything into it..hehehe..n i'm proud of my myvi!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

hubungan jarak jauh..mampukah ia bertahan?

Hubungan jarak jauh..ya..Post ini adalah mengenai apa yg kurasai ttg hubungan ini..benar!aku dilamun cinta.Benar!hubungan cintaku hubungan jarak jauh..dan Benar!ianya amat menyeksakan. Harus ku aku hanya org yg benar-benar kuat mampu mengatasinya..terus terang ku katakan aku sendiri tidak yakin sejauh mana mampu aku bertahan. Kini hubungan kami sudah menjangkau 3 tahun..3 tahun bagiku bkn sekejap..kadangkala aku sendiri tidak mempercayainya..betulkah baru 3 tahun?sedangkan kurasakan bagai bertahun lamanya..erm..mungkin episod cinta kami berbeza dgn pasangan lain..hubungan kami penuh dgn dugaan tersendiri..memang kami terpisah beratus km jauhnya..seorg di utara seorg di tgh ibu kota..namun itu, bagiku bukan cabaran yang sebenar.memang benar ia penyumbang tapi aku yakin itu mampu ku tangani. apa yg tidak mampu ku tangani adalah kesukaran utk berhubung..dhlah susah nk jumpa,nk berhubung pn susah..hidupku seharian sunyi..sedangkan kwn-kwnku handphone sentiasa berbunyi..aku?nk dengar berbunyi punyalah susah..jarang - jarang sekali berbunyi..kalau berbunyi pn itu pasti dari kawan - kawanku..atau bank nk buat credit cardlah...offer tu lah offer nilah..hehe.. waktu aku bersamanya adalah pada malam hari. lebih kurang pukul 11 mlm. dia akan menelefonku dan kami bersembang..kadangkala dalam suasana aman..kadangkala dlm suasana yg amat memedihkan. tgk keadaan dia disana..kdg2 bila dia pulang lewat,maka lewatlah dia menghubungiku..dan bila lewat bermakna adalah kejadian yg berlaku..kdg2 kami hanya bersembang 10min saja.bygkan dlm masa 24 jam,hanya 10 min diperuntukkan utkku..sedangkan aku mempunyai 1001 kisah utk di adu padanya..kadangkala tiada langsung khabar berita dari dia..berhari - hari lamanya..ataupun kadangkala hanya 1 msg sempat dikirimnya.pedih!hati aku sering terasa.namun, aku tau itu suma bukan kehendak hatinya..keadaan yang memaksa..aku tau dia letih..setiap hari seawal 4 pagi sudah bangun..masa tu aku lena di ulit mimpi lagi..dia menjalani rutin hariannya yg kadangkala bagiku entah apa - apa entah.argh!kadangkala aku rasakan hidup tentera ni hanya membuang masa saja!kadangkala aku benci!!aku tau si dia masih dalam latihan utk menjadi seorg yg akan berjuang utk negara suatu hari nanti..dan aku tak kisah andai dia memerah keringat utk berlatih..tapi apa yg seharian dia buat?hanyalah sentiasa alert dengan kerenah-kerenah pihak atasan. yg membuatkan aku rasa aku benci pada pihak atasan tentera yang kadangkala tidak munasabah!!maafkan aku andai aku menyentuh hal sensitviti ketenteraan,tetapi in hanyalah pandangan aku sebagai seorang orang awam..apa salahnyer kucing berkeliaran?kucing itu makhluk tuhan..tetapi kerana kucing - kucing yg bagi pendapat mereka mengotorkan dan menjatuhkan reputasi..maka kucing - kucing itu harus ditangkap..dan kerana kucing,mereka di belasah..adakah relevan?bagi aku lainla kalau mereka tak performed ke..wajarlah mereka di hukum..tetapi huh!kucing???

kesian makhluk comel ini..

aku tak tau sejauh mana lagi mampu aku bertahan..aku tau tidak adil bagi dirnya..tapi ianya tidak adil juga bagi diriku..aku tertekan dengan kehidupan seharianku..bygkan..kwn2ku hujung minggu bila aku ajak keluar,diorg nk pergi dating,pagi beli brg dengan balak msg2,aku nk kuar dgn sape?nk beli brg dgn sape?pastu bila nk mengadu..kena tunggu pukul 11 mlm..itupun kalau bernasib baik..kalau tak?kau peram je lah jadi pekasam..huh!bahagia kah aku dengan hubungan sebegini?aku pn tak tau nk ckp..bknlah segalanya menyedihkan..ada juga bahagianya..especially bila berjumpa..setiapa kali bila jumpa rasa macam itulah pertama kali kami berjumpa..semua benda akan dilakukan bersama..walaupun kadangkala aku bengang gak sbb kena kejar masa nk kena masuk sblm kul 6lah..itula aku rasa itu sbgi byrn yg aku perlu byr..ku akui aku seorg yg setia..sekali aku katakan aku sayang pada seseorang,pasti aku akan tetap menyayanginya. dan begitu juga dengan hubungan ini..walau kurasakan begitu byk pahit dari manis tapi aku tau ianya bersifat sementara.kerana pasti kebahagian akan menyusul..hubungan jarak jauh ini hanya akan bertahan sekiranya kita berpikiran jauh..sejauh mana anda melihat hubungan itu akan pergi..dan aku..aku bertahan kerana kurasakan tiada lelaki lain yg mampu menerima aku sepertimana dia menerimaku..aku yakin dia tercipta untukku..ada sinar kebahagian untuk kami suatu hari nanti..dan masa itu tidak lama lagi..insyaallah..dlm masa setahun ke dua tahun..dan sementara itu..aku hanya mampu memohon kepada Mu ya Allah..semoga memanjangkan hubungan ini..melindungi hubungan ini..dan memupukkan kesabaran kepada diri kami..AMIN..

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

a long day with ma luv..

erm.. just something to least nnti bole diingati..hehehe..walaupun actually dh lama dh..if i'm not mistaken bln 12 kot..see?dh lupa dh..erm..better aku tulis kt blog so andaikata terlupa,bila baca teringat blkkn?hehehe..
it was a fine + mr right pegi a day trip to Bkt tinggi..kalau ikutkan planning nk pegi dgn with my other 2 friends dgn psgn nk wat camne..because of the other two tak jadik join.memula kitorg pn nk kensel cos mesti tak best g berdua je..tapi sbb mr right penat..smlmn tak tidur nyenyak cos takde tmpt tinggal..tahlah..musim apa tah..sume hotel kat bkt bntg kesian dia..kena merayau kat sekitar segitiga emas ni..hehehe..sape suh tipu aku ckp dh ada bilik,aku baliklah..skali aku dh otw balik,baru dia bgtau yg actually dia tak dpt bilik..erm..nk wat cane?so anyway,pagi tu amik dia kat dpn times square..sian dia..muka penat..dia ckp pegi jelah mana2 pn yg pntg dia tanak mana lagi?aku drive jelah smpi bkt tinggi..haha..
bygkan first time aku bwk kete panjat bukit yg belok2..curam giler..cuak aku...tapi ku gaghkan diri jua..bila smpi puncak tu..excited giler aku!maklumlah aku ni mmg cintakan keindahan alam semulajadi..

while waiting for free shuttle train to climb up the hill..surprised that ramai gak org..cos to tell the truth i never know that bkt tinggi exist..kesian tak?


erm..dont be mistaken..these are just tourist like me..they just rent the kimonos provided,so i tumpang bergmbr..

more of this..kalau tgk most of the pic in bkt tinggi me posing alone!cos of someone not in a 'good' mood

Koi fish?or gold fish..erm not sure either one..but sure it's nice.

look at that 'masam' whole night without proper rest.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


sorry for not updating my blog recently..been bz with my everyday life and problems that occurs lately..dgn keje kat ofis yg kembali sibuk..internet kat umah prob..dgn kete aku yg dh ternoda...waa...sedih...(tp nsb dh cun blk) i can not concentrate on wedding cards biz..however,walaupun bz i still manage to siapakn 2 more designs..n i love blum leh update kat my other blog..cos i'm still trying to upgrade my bis all takes times..erm..thinking of taking a bis partner who act. can do work..i mean FZcreative already have a partner but that is sleeping partner..tugas dia just kuarkan modal sket n find customers..meanwhile,i havent had any new customer..beside reserved for my fren yg nk kawen insyallah ujung tahun n yg nk bertunang this march..erm..kbnykan org sume dh tempah kad awal2..biasalah..lagi awal lagi senang..tapi takpe..i'm not giving up.biasala awal2 mesti susah sket nk once dh dpt kepercayaan org,laju je the way i have to proof to my bro in law too..cos he's going to give me bis opportunity (contract with government) if i i have to proof not just to him but rather to myself..cos this is the thing that i really love doing...huh!sometimes i even think about quitting my current job so that i can concentrate more on this. but everything have to have back up as i'm still caiyok!caiyok!keep up the good works!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Business plan in progress

been a long time since i jot something here..not that i'm not on9,just that i've been busy with keeping up my i've said before, i'm planning a business of my own. i'm building a new blog site for it. That is called It's still under construction though but i can start the business any minute if i got any order..hahaha..well..have a look at my new site. it's a business of wedding cards for future bride and groom. to tell the truth, i've been dreaming of this since i don't really know when..hehehe..actually, it all started when i first realize that how much passion that i have when something related to weddings. i love gubahan hantaran,love wedding dress and this is the best part that i's it!love it!and love it so much!you the look at the bride and groom happy they look so 'bahagia' finally got bond with marriage..and all of a sudden i've even realized that i love wedding cards also..i love to see the design and the exclusive of the cards..shame to say this but let me just be frank..hehehe..i've even imagine my own wedding which is i dont know when..huhuhu..poor me huh?so the whole idea of this wedding card business came from i cannot design my own wed card just yet..why not i design for others?and make it a business as i've always been wanting to own a some of the wed cards in market now are not that beauty but yet expensive.i didnt tell anyone about this plan cause i want it to make it real first then i would say it loud to i plan it all by's not easy..i tell you..all i did it by should not be a problem to me..i suppose..but the printing..and all the steps to make a card..that's the hardest part..i mean i dont know anything about it. so i just go from shop to shop asking,surveying..erm..bad experience with these people..which i dont want to tell..i was about to give up but i motivate can you back off now when everything is infront of you?so i just go on..and i'm so grateful that i didn't give up...Alhamdulillah,finally i met with a true, kind hearted man,abg Mail who is willing to teach me. so he thought me everything about this business from A - Z. and now that i'm proud to say that i'm ready for this business..just need to do some marketing plan and some promo to promote myself and my work. so, if you guys or any of your friends are going to get married in anytime soon, looking for fresh new design of wedding cards but worries about budget..well..worries no contact me or take a look at my new page for any further enqueries. as a starter, profit is not the main priority..but it's more to satisfaction..but of course people do business for the profit right?hehee..what i mean is that i'm not going to put high cost..can negotiate ma..especially if you guys are close friends of the way, if you guys are a good designer,which i know most of my friends can do the design work..but send for printing to me..dont believe me that it is much cheaper?wel..try me..i'll prove it to you guys..


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