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Monday, July 4, 2011

am I persuasive enough?

Seriously..this questions been bothering me for quite sometimes..Am I persuasive?or am I persuasive enough?
There's a different between these 2 questions and of course it goes to different situations.

But the question is dedicated to this 1 particular situation -> job interview!
How was it? Did I do okay or great?

Until now I don't have the answer because sometimes I did a good job in persuading people but sometimes I did not. It all depends on situation and expectations of the new employers.

What do they expect? What skills? What experiences?
But sometimes it depends also on bullshitting..
but it's true,man!

1 of my previous lecturer has claimed it right.

So did I BS enough?

I wish I did!
I really hope I did!

Because I want to move on!
It's about time!
I think about the future..

haiya..before this you never think about the future, meh?


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