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Friday, July 1, 2011

A short trip to Ipoh - part 1

A short trip to Ipoh from 5th June to 6th June.
Purpose of going? Office trip?
Yuicks!hahaha...apa barang office trip ke Ipoh?sehari pulak tu..

Actually there was this launching event of Segi International College at Ipoh in which our office is involved. Therefore, boss asked us to join as he has postponed so many times our office trip.
Ipoh? There's nothing in Ipoh except those Ipoh Water Sanctuary. Unfortunately we're not heading that way.

I have no clue in any harm is my boss related to Ipoh at all because most of our office projects are in Ipoh. We have this Star Office Ipoh (completed), Semi - D housing (on-going) and latest this SEGI college.

Nothing much was done there as there is actually nothing in Ipoh, I suppose or nothing that I know.
Our activities 
- makan kenduri at my officemate's friend (coincidently got wedding)
-check in hotel ( I can't recall the name!)
-site visit - Semi D housing, my project which I handle. I used to say 'projek keramat', never met the owner before but to my surprised he's nice and even packed us some goody bags for each of us!
- Ipoh sightseeing  which is there's nothing! and so we stop at some random houses with nice features of architecture. 
The next day, launching event, Ipoh Star Office site visit, Lunch at North Indian Cuisine restaurant and then off to Petronas University in Tronoh.
Later continuelah..In the meantime, these are some of photos taken..=)

melangkah ke tapak keramat
A look at the site - concrete piles are all up.
and of course there's photo of us!

Some random houses we stop by. Modern style house
Despite all the modern looking houses, I prefer the old design.

and of course there's me! Trying to run from my normal pose!

Gerbang Malam the longest night market in Ipoh
On our way to have dinner
They say this is the best place for Satay in Ipoh even Michelle Yeoh a must place to go when she come hometown.
                                                 Anyone familiar with this place?Well, this is where we had our dinner

Menteri Besar Perak, Zambry Abdul Kadir giving his speech
                                         As well as the launching

                                         the site model - not done by us of course!the model maker

some of the activites held - health check up by the SEGI nursing student (is that the term - nursing?whatever)

mamat ni excited sbb dia lepas health check up!padahal atas pagar je tu!

yang aku pulak terkurang gula & blood pressure pn agak rendah..
padahal pg tu aku breakfast  plg byk kot

mestilah ada gambar saya mengedik, okay!

And then, we got all of us!

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