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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Part 4 : method of cleaning braces

been a month of living with was not easy...extra care should be given to your teeth..sometimes you tend to look at mirror more longer at your teeth than at your face..hehehe..
my dentist taught me how to clean my teeth..he said to brush my teeth like normal with normal toothbrush and buy this small spiral toothbrush to slip in between the metal braces and parts that is hard to reach with normal toothbrush. that's it! but i thought it was kind of easy..too easy i suppose so i did some research on method of cleaning it. what my Dentist was right.of course he's the dentist.the professionals!but there are some more method. like flossing!which is hard..and i dont know how to floss..
Cleaning braces is important!because braces trap foods easier.and this mean plaque formation is easier..and as others concern plaque can lead to gum disease and enamel damage..when you brush you teeth and sometimes its bleeding..then that's the sign of plaque formation in your teeth..
brushing is the main method of cleaning..but what's more important is the way you it the effective way?do i brush effectively?i dont know either..hehehe..well..lets together share this info which i obtained from the internet.

a month living with braces

well..before i start to the main topic..just an intro of what's been happening in my life work life? half of my life is about work..workaholic?no lah!just that that's the main focus now..but lately i'm enjoying more of my life since not much of work load there is at office..just been doing models for some projects for the past 1 and half month.boring!my fingers all aches and my arms..but sometimes's been a long time since i last did models..that is when i was once a stud..n tell you what?the models i did for my office is much much more nicer than the one i did in passionate to finish each models..
after work's life at home..i enjoy it!since you can say everyday i went home at 6pm..sometimes cant wait for 6pm to arrive...eager to reach home everyday..(since when ha?)hahaha..though i dont really have anything to do at home.but that's the fact now!even now i'm lazy to go to the gym..i heard that everyone at the gym was asking about me...i dont knowlah..i dont have the heart to go to gym..i just want to stay home and watch 'GELORA DI HATI SARA'..hahaha..i love the drama..i love Fauziah Latiff's some more i'm busy preparing something in plan for the upcoming year 2009. it's a small business. well,better start small than nothing right?the point is i dont want to talk about this..just yet!cos it's still under planning and construction...when it comes for real..then it's time for another blog..right now what's more interesting to talk is about my braces...ok..straight...never realized how quick time pass by..i've been wearing braces for a month now..and today at 4pm i got another appoinment with my lovely dentist Dr. Zarin..not sure what he's going to do today but i promise will write about how's living with braces?it's been fine..getting used to it...sometimes my friends worries about me more than i do..cos i just eat what i feel like eating..guess will never loose my weight though wearing know what?i realized that i curb for eating much much more with braces on than without..wah!so abnormal right?people tend to less eating but i tend to eat more!and with this 'lazy bones' nowadays to go to gym...wonder do i gain weight?huh!sigh!oh no!but i still can fit my clothes..n my office mate asked wether i loose weight cos she said my jeans look loose..hurm????jeans loose or my thigh loose?better buy a measure weight to be more confirm..

Saturday, December 6, 2008

story of braces part 3

well..quite some times since i jot something down in here..been busy lately with my personal life..going there,going here..back at home tired already..almost got no time to surf.
so,back to the topic. so i already got my braces on last tuesday, 25th Nov 2008. so today is already the 11th day of me carrying this little wire in my mouth..not so much pain i would say..just that it's been quite hard in consuming something. people said that it is suffering..suffer in pain n in eating..guess maybe i'm one of the others that didnt really suffer in wearing those thing. as for a close friend...she experienced ulcers all over her mouth when she extract her teeth..and the first few weeks putting braces on she hardly cant chew just eat porridge..that's why she was kind of surprised seeing me can eat easily without suffering..erm..dont knowlah..maybe i'm just so lucky or what..but i did follow everything what my dentist ask me to do..maybe because of me following orders helps..i dont know..guess different people different experience. so for those who's been wanting to get braces on, but afraid of the 'penyeksaan' i advise just go on with the intention..dont listen to what others say because you never know until you experience it yourself.
Talking about the day, 25th Nov 2008. i had appointment at about 2.30 pm and guess what time i finished?4.30 pm..approx. 2 hrs.. okay to make story short..i'll just tell the procedures k?
  1. 1st step - chain are installed. on my previous post i said that rubber band are installed so that gap can be provided?well, here's the reason why the gap are put the chain inside so that wire can be tighten to its ends. i had problem with my below left teeth as the rubber band went out of its place leaving no gap between the teeth. at first my dentist struggle hard to put the chain in. push really really hard and i cannot deny it.. i had no prob with the other three teeth except for this side. not really that hurt but at this side..huh!really hurting plus looking at my dentist really struggling make it more last Dr Zarin give the below left side no chain is install,instead he put some kind of tube.
  2. 2nd step - put on bracket.bracket are those 'jewel' that installed on the surface of each teeth by using strong glue (bonder). the bracket will take the force from archwire (refer step 3) and traslate it to the tooth. the brackets are different from one tooth type to the other so that they can all work the best they can for a perfect smile.
  3. 3rd step - Archwire are wired. Archwire is the “wire” that holds all elements in place. The arch goes from left to right and the brackets are connected to it. This element is of a huge importance since it’s the one to “force” the teeth into their proper position together with the elastics. At first the archwire looks “jagged” since the brackets are placed at the same distance from the end of the tooth. Since one tooth is placed higher than the other, the patient will have a “crooked” archwire. The wire tends to go to its original form, thus forcing the teeth to go up or down or rotate until they are all set. like mine now!if you see it, mine looks crooked.
  4. 4th step - small rubber called ligatures are put between those wire and brackets to 'tie' them together.ligatures come in various colour that we can request for. some people like to make it as fashion statement. know like accessories on your teeth and you can get creative. as for mine, i let Dr Zarin to he chose orange..not bad..i mean i like it..
  5. one more step - elastics. these might get used in order to help with the jaw problems. as i got no problem with my jaw line so i dont need those things. the way..pic above is not mine..just something i got from the internet..

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ayat - ayat cinta

this is one of my favourite song..i just love the song!and the touching just made me appreciate love and the person i love more and more! sometimes by just listening to this song, can made me cry..hahaha..been sensitive and emotional nowadays...why huh?

Desir pasir di padang tandus
Segersang pemikiran hati
Terkisah ku di antara cinta yang rumit

Bila keyakinanku datang
Kasih bukan sekadar cinta
Pengorbanan cinta yang agung
Ku pertaruhkan

Maafkan bila ku tak sempurna
Cinta ini tak mungkin ku cegah
Ayat-ayat cinta bercerita
Cintaku padamu
Bila bahagia mulai menyentuh
Seakan ku bisa hidup lebih lama
Namun harus ku tinggalkan cinta
Ketika ku bersujud

Bila keyakinanku datang
Kasih bukan sekedar cinta
Pengorbanan cinta yang agung
Ku pertaruhkan

repeat reff

Ketika ku bersujud

funny how time can change life..

it's time time pass by,many things around us have change..especially people around us. i've been longing to write this thing up..but maybe at that time wasn't really feel to write..
this is a story about me n my frens..i dont really know wat really happens btwn's just that we've been separated from each other..each day feel like we never even been not knowing each other anymore..and what leave me on confusion is that without really knowing why?what have happens to our frenship?who's fault is it?mine?or just we doesnt really meant to be frens?dat's y i name it time changes our life..
actually, i really miss this one old fren of mine..which i already consider her as my soul friends..we've been friends since high school..together into the same school,same uni,same course..i realy enjoy our friendship..however,langit tak selalunya cerah..she started to keep a distance from me. i dont know why..maybe because she's tired of me?she's bored with me?or she already found the love of her life..someone that she's longing to live with..until she forgot the meaning of friendship..i dont really like people who actually forgets their friends when they found their right person. in that case what are friends for?why do we actually become friends if one day when you found your love, you actually forget and abandon all your surrounding friends whos been with you all this while?whos been supporting you?who's been with you through good and bad time?why?unless that friend doesnt mean anything to you..i dont in what circumstances i say all this things..but it really hurts my feeling so much..people surrounding me tell me to just let go of let her enjoy her life..and just go on with my own..that's what i've been doing..i am enjoying my life now..i have almost everything what i want in this life..i have my family..i already found the true love of mine..(if he is meant for me, insyaallah)i have real friends around me..but i kept thinking about her...i miss her..every single day..i miss our good old days...sometimes when i was thinking about her,thinking about what our relationship have been through,thinking about what happens between us..few clear drops fall from my eyes..i cant really let her's as if she's a part of mine now..i just love her...i cant lie to myself..maybe i cant lie to the people around me..i can pretend like i dont care what happen but deep inside me..only god knows...i always bear in mind that why should i appreciate someone who doesnt appreciate me?why do i keep thinking about the person who never think about me?i got no explanation for all this..i know she owe me some least tell me what it my fault?or what..but i know it will keep matter what happens..she will always be someone i meaningful to me..i hope she's happy with her own life now without me...and i'm sorry for what i have done puposely or unpurposely..i'm sorry'll always be my friend even though i'm not your friend anymore. my heart is just too stubborn to let our friendship end just like that.once again i'm sorry friend..
to another good friend of mine..thank you for always being there for me..i love you too..sometimes i feel like i'm a burden to you but you never even complain about it..hope that you and him with stay in love forever as i hope that our friendship will remains forever n one last thing that i hope will never happen to our friendship..that you never change. i want you to stay this way..cos i love you just the way you are. hope you feel the same way about me and about us.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

braces in progress..

today i got appoinment with my dentist as wat i said b4.appoinment at 8pm.wallawei...2nd step of braces in progress..n now no turning i already extract my teeth!!!wa...rongak abis dh gigi's treatment..
  1. scaling rm40
  2. extract below rm35 above rm40 = rm 75
  3. filling rm 40
  4. separator

total cost rm 155.

talking about my experince today..wa...first injection tuk bius..kalau tak abis melalak aku kat dlm bilik tu..hahaha...tgk jarum pn dh seriau aku..masa tu terpikir gak..betul ke apa yg aku wat ni?nk cabut gigi?nk pakai braces..cepat2..made up ur blum pape chet...Dr dh cucuk bius kat gusi aku..rasa cam kena gigit semut terasa gak r bila cucuk kat lelangit aku..after few mins or secs rasa cam mebesar lak mulut aku sblh..hahaha..

2ndly,scaling...nothing unordinarylah..cos dh biasa buat...tapi ngilu gaklah..

3rd...filling at my front my previous filling dh haus...

4th..put in separator..for people who may ask..separator are actually rubber band put between ur teeth so that a gap can occur for bracket to be put in.

last but not least...extraction!!!!Dr ckp..ok bersedia..shida..kuarkan playar,kapak etc..bengong tul Dr ni..well..dia sndri yg ngaku..aku mengiyakan aje..ngeh2...

seram sejuk gak aku dibuatnyer...dia pn keluarkan playar dia..erm...camnelah agaknyer rasanye kan?b4 he start...ayat dia yg paling best..kalau sakit...even sakit sikit pn bagitau saya..jgn tahan2..tak guna sket r mamat ni..pastu di pulas2myer gigi aku..tup..cabut!only in few seconds..biar betik?tak sakit pn...then he extract the upper tooth..same..but this time a bit harder..i guess that's y it cost rm5 more expensive..hahaha...then he said..done..ok..see u next time..aik?dh sudah dr..dhlah..awak nk apa lagi..tak skt later akan sakit sketlah..but dont medicine yg i that's all for today..owh..lupa lak..lupa nk mntk gigi aku tadi..manalah tau leh smpn wat kenang-kenangan..takpelah nnti next appoinment for another 2 extraction aku akan mntk..

blk umah kena marah lak ngan mak aku sbb cabut gigi..first aku explain gak..cabut sebab nk provide spaces for gigi yg tak teratur tu kena marah aku senyap of story for today's session...

crite pasal ofis is basically the 3rd day of model making of villas for jeju project..maybe tomorrow or the next day can finish everything..erm..cannot take long time to finish it cos still need to help on N1 aparrtments lak...apalah boss ni...kata massing model je tp nk cantik2..baik antar model maker prof..anyway...maybe afterall not so bad lah...i pn dh lama tak wat model..we'll see on how the finish products..

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Something in plan..

erm..just got home from seeing my's a start..well,one of a thing that i'm planning..this is the first visit..i mean not the first visit to this dentist but the first time in fulfilling my plan..what is my plan?actually, i plan to do orthodontics an easy meaning..braces!yup!finally, i've made up my mind to wear one. it's not an easy decision i would took me a year to finally make decision.cos i've accepted the way i look.thanks to Allah for giving me this face.i love this braces wearing is not purposely for aesthetic value but more for my health. after doing some research and reading on the internet and browse thru other's experience on forum,i think i'm prepared for it.though a bit 'takut'! for some reasons...
  1. takut sakit!people said it is suffering for a few months!cannot eat that and thislah...erm..but on the way,i can be 'kurus' kot..hahaha
  2. i'm afraid of how i would look like wearing it!
  3. i sayang my 'taring'!it would not be there any longer...hahaha..
  4. i'm afraid of how i would look like after i complete the treatment..cantikkah wajahku?
dont worry..i'll tell the whole process of me getting that i would not forget..anyhow,it is once in a lifetime...unless kalau gigi u senget baliklah bcos of tak jaga..
Nway, back to the dentist story..the clinic is in Taman Putra. Klinik Pergigian Dr Zarin. i've been there b4. once doing my my mum n my late dad doing their teeth treatment. i had appointment at 1pm. so met the dr. explained why i was there the dr start explaining the procedures n wat ever that i should know.most of it i already know cos of my research!!so there is no chance of anyone trying to cheat me ha...but this Dr is sporting..bole nyanyi2. kacau2 nurse dia..n even called my name as if we've known each other well i guess i have no prob with the dr. can get along well..maybe we can b,there are only 2 kinds of braces provided at his clinic. metal n ceramic braces. metal cost rm3k without mouth preparation and ceramic cost around rm4k. i decided to take metal becos metal is more convenient and easy to handle and clean. method of payment. rm300 installment and after each treatment pay some more..depends on ha?other clinics will charge more!rm4k for metal braces and rm1k for dr. Zarin's is the cheapest that i've search plus close to my it would not be a he did took mould for my teeth..that's all wat he did.then i set another appoinment for next session.that would be on this wed 19/11/08 at 8pm..maybe to extract my teeth!!uiks!!sakitnyer!so today's csession cost me rm15 for the mould.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

MML new product launch

erm..last friday nite i attend this event with nadh n we met velvin there. act it was an invitation for 10 person but only the 3 of us interested to was a nice experience..1st time..ya,sure everthing got the first time,right?..n i'm glad that i went there.
the event was held at the Mercedes auto showroom at Jln Sultan Ismail,starts at 7.15pm.
Nadh n i perform our solat at Shang -ri La hotel..really amazed by the interior..wonder how much per night..haha..then we walked to the event place. present our invitation card n went inside. the event was like a party with all this 'org besar2' hang up.first,feel like 'malu2' then buat bodoh je..hahaha..find a place beside velvin n his fren..then we start eating..erm..this is the part dat make me glad that i came..hahaha..the food was super delicious yummy2..though i dont know what it is was like a cocktail event..wat more interesting is that the waiter/waitress serve the food on tiles which they decorate it to fit the food. Interesting huh?n the drinks were served in the like test tubes in the science experiment.creative!i dont knowlah kan..since this is the first event i've attended..Nway,back to the food..we had lambs,prawns,chickens,sushi,otak2,oyster,desserts..huh!so much that i ate dat nite!as we ate,some of them start to mingle around, especially the MML staff,u know..just to get business going..we were told it's not act new product was just to gather up to get to know each wonder i was confuse when we first enter the event hall..cos wat greet us was this men in cats,lions costume which remind me of america's next top model..then was this juwita suwito bad that we at first didnt recognize her..hahaha..then i saw this really cool,handsome guy(not malaysian,i guess mix?) dressing casual not like everyone else.this guy n his fren really shine that time..n i thought they were is true..they went out just to grab some food b4 the fashion show starts..ya..i know wat u're thinking..there's a fashion show!n i love it!!the clothes r nice n there's this one model,she's so beautiful!then,was the turn for Atilia.owh my god!!!she is really2 small!!i dont know how to i malu nk tangkap gmbr dgn dia!takut nnti nmpk cam giant!hahaha..the closing of the event was a tag heur show time..for ur info,tag heur was one of the sponsor for the nite..n not to forget all the fashion show was sponsored by jendela kl..well, i dont know how the party ends bcos we left b4 it finish..but overall..i love the nite..Nway,enjoy the pic..some pics are with nadh,i'll update later..

a new era..

erm..just start with this blog..act, had a few years ago but forgot oredi..hahaha..
N-way, just so excited to write wat i've been doing today..nothing's just that today is the day i 'manjakan' my car..hahaha..maklumlah once a week je berpeluang..berpeluh gak r mencuci kete ni..nk2 g kat tgh panas..mmg terbakarlah..pas cuci sempat r snap 2.3 kpg gmbr..hahaha..setelah lbh kurang 5bln kete tu jadi harta aku,baru nk snap pic..hampeh tul!pastu ptg lak aku g kedai acc..ranaplah duit aku rm430 sume skali..aku beli cover seat n door visor baru..kopak duit eden bulan ni.
ha..inilah harta aku yg 1st..yup!1.3 ezi white myvi!hasil titik peluh aku sendri tau!dari bnda tu sebijik..sampailah ke proses2 modifikasi or add on so far tak byk pn yg di gmbr ni sblm aku add door visor n seat cover tu..tgklah,kalau rajin aku snap lagi gmbr after make over..
Act,this is not my dream car..kdg tu rasa menyesal jgk tak amik kete impian ku..well,i think i can afford it,just that i dont want to face any risk..lgpn mendpt tentangan hebat dari famili..huhuhu.sedih tul..n-way,myvi is not bad..ok wat..
erm..satu dh settle masalah aku,pasni aku nk labur duit kat tmpt lain lak..mntk2 murahlah rezeki aku ye..maklumlah,kite skrg ni bkn smkn kenalah merpersiapkan diri tuk hari akan dtg..chewah..hari akan dtg?kawen?bila lagi?hahaha..gatal!


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