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Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day - Complimentary Freshly Brewed Coffee from Starbucks!

Oh!to all there coffee maniac out there especially Starbucks fans..
Enjoy this ...........valid only today, k.

So what you're waiting for?Rush to nearest outlet to you..
Oh!too bad Starbucks at my office just move out to somewhere else..

*another reason to miss Bukit Bintang again..sigh!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


will you accept my tiny winy piece of heart??

okay..yang tak berminat,xyah baca..this is just another entry of jiwa kacau..
hormon tak stabil mungkin?
hari ni berapa haribulan yer?
oh!dah hampir..patutlah...
emotion ups and downs..

alasan seorang wanita!

kdg rasa nak nangis..
kdg mcm takde perasaan..
kdg rasa suram..
kadg rasa tertekan..

tapi dlm bnyk2 perasaan tu,kenapa takde rasa gembira?


with no reason!
ada actually!

---------> saya suka kat seseorang tapi saya tak mampu meluahkan padanya.

dan sampai bila-bila pun dia takkan tahu saya menaruh minat pada dia!

--------> huh!muka taktahu malu!
apa motif ko sbnrnya tulis di sini?

well, this is me!
bila emosi tak stabil aku suka meluahkan pd seseorang or the least I can do is write it up..
though no one is reading it..
so though YOU (the person I adore) reads this, you might not notice that YOU are the one I'm talking about.

oh! How I wish I could talk my heart out to you!

Levi's Warehouse Sale 21-24 April 2011


dalam keadaan mood tak berapa nak best ni..terjumpa lah pulak benda alah ni..

hurm..lama dah tak g warehouse sale ni..Dulu masa keje kat Bukit Bintang selalulah jugak pegi sbb kat area sana 'just in a walking distance'. Lunch hour pun leh mengular ke sana..Oh!mmg heaven r Bukit Bintang!

Levi’s Warehouse Sale

hurm..nak g ke tak?poket dah pokai dah ni..tapi Card Credit ada!
huish!bad habit!bad,bad habit!

ala..normally warehouse sale ni takdelah best mana pun..barang-barang yang dia jual pun stock ntah zaman bila ntah..
(ayat penyedap hati sebenarnya!)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Part 2 - study trip to Hanoi, Vietnam

Let’s the memory of Hanoi trip continues.

2nd day of the trip, 25th March 2011, we went to National University of Civil Engineering, Hanoi. So long, of a study trip, right? So, at least that we can do is visit some local University. =)

The weather was cold that morning and a bit windy. When we enter the university, it looks so much differ from our local university. How can I describe? What is obvious here, most of the students are male! Wink! So, I guessed the population Vietnam is more towards guys? Does that make sense? Aha!

And what I noticed is that their common vehicles at the universities are bicycles and of course motor bikes but more to bicycles. Funny is, they charge parking for the students which the parking is under the school blocks. Well, I guessed it is true that nothing is free in Vietnam. =)

What we did there? Well, the universities greet us and we have conferences, some student presentations of Vietnam and Malaysian current construction industry. You see, Vietnamese are not really fluent with English; even the professors there hardly can speak English. But some are good.

Dalam kesejukan..

Malaysian construction industry presented by Imelda
Camera rolling, action!
Giler serius der..
with uncle Ho
some of camera freaks faces!
me with the Vietnamese students.

okay!fiefa mohd ali in action. =)

Finished programme at NUCE, rushing for our lunch at Tandoor Restaurant, an Indian Restaurant. For me, the restaurant is much pleasant than Nisa Restaurant and the food are quite nice also however, lecturers did not find that so. We were served with naan, chicken curry, some Indian vege, a bowl of rice. I guessed it is not enough for them as they are not variety enough. Actually, the restaurant serves variety of Indian food but I guessed the travel agent booked a cheap meal package so, it become dissatisfying. They don’t know that Malaysian loves eating!
At Tandoor restaurant while waiting for food to be served.

After lunch, we rushed to Gamuda City. Have you heard about Gamuda before? Well, Gamuda Land or better known as Gamuda, is a Malaysian developer who’s been investing huge projects in Malaysia and now they expand their business in investing foreign countries. And yes, Gamuda City is a city! Malaysia Boleh! Unfortunately, I forgot how large the total area is. the land are still under developing.  So, how do things work?

Well, Gamuda & the Vietnamese government agrees that a piece of land is granted to Gamuda for them as an exchange for Gamuda to provide Vietnam a proper sewerage system, that is a treatment plant for the whole city of Hanoi. Unfortunately, again, I missed out the figures. =) but definitely, it is big because it has to cater the city of Hanoi. So, that piece of land Gamuda developed it as a residential township. Another agreement between the two parties is that Gamuda has to cleaned up a large lake where it used to be the place for dark water of  Hanoi, it return they get that piece of land also to developed but with BOT contracts. It is at this piece of land that they developed a city park for publics with commercial buildings and so. 
Project briefing

So, to cut it short, Gamuda is doing the masterplan for the Hanoi which reminds me of what I have been doing in my previous office. MASTERPLAN! Which I used to think that this is wasting time and how can it be done? So, this trip actually opens up my mind and level of thinking. Oh! How stupid I was!

some part of the overall masterplan - these are the landed residential development

Commercial Development

Public park

High rise residential blocks

Landed property
not sure house perhaps?
After the project brief, we were taken to the site of the treatment plant. Hell, it was big! And we were lucky enough to tour around it to take a closer look of how things worked.

group photo with the Gamuda people

di sini, fiefa dh start dh nk conquer still, mcm segan2..=P

aksi mengada saya lagi.layan ajelah yer.

lawan tokey gak mamat ni..hehehe

So, enough packed the whole day with ‘study’ thingy, it’s time for dinner! Again, we head to Nisa Restaurant! Have to, LOL! No other Halal food stall there! Had dinner and then it was time for shopping! Shopping at night market. Night market in the city of Hanoi opens every Friday to Sunday nights. It is quite a long market. And it is where tourists as well as locals shops. From Nisa restaurant, we just take a walking tour. I was so excited! Excited to shop not for myself but families back here. I guessed when you go somewhere, what you have in mind is to get souvenirs for people other than to get yourself one. My target is to get some Vietnamese silks but as I walked along the night markets to are no silks. So, silks are not sold at the night markets, folks. It sold at stores. 

What can you find at the night markets, then?
Obviously, souvenirs! All this Vietnamese arts crafts – key chains, painting etc. handbags, clothes. It is more or like pasar malam here in Malaysia. So, I was a bit frustrated that night. I only bought a flowery vase with handmade flowers and plants out of beads and stones. Thought it is nice. What I can say about Hanoian is that they are a bit ‘sombong’ and bargaining to them is really hard. Seldom or I can say never for them to call you back if you turned your back to head away! They rather lose a customer than to get their stuffs sold at lower price!

So, we head back to the hotel by just walking. Though actually it was quite far and we are already tired by walking back and forth along the night markets. Some of us, took taxi. And hell, different charges are charge. Some are charged by meter, some are charged by per person which is not fair it turns out to be so expensive. So, advise, before you take a cab, kindly ask the driver, I want to be charge by meter and please bring us straight to the hotel, not taking the long route, please. This actually works to me on my last night at Hanoi where I go shopping with Kak Nida, our Malaysian travel agent who’s got the experiences. If they want to charge by head, it is ridiculous! Just take another cab!

3rd day, 26th March 2011, enough with all this study tour, it is time for real trip! So, that morning after breakfast we went to Ho Chi Minh mausoleum. We have to line up quite a long queue as it is only opens on weekends. Oh! It was windy and cold as always! We were advised by Suan (local travel agent), to behave ourselves, no chit chatting, no laughing and not to put your hands inside the pocket or even to hugs yourself but we have to put our hands at the side, straight with respect to Ho Chi Minh. So, who is this Ho Chi Minh? He was the president of Vietnam, the father of Independence. Inside the mausoleum, you can see uncle Ho (that what Vietnamese call) is ‘sleeping’. They preserve his body not like his real. So you can actually his real face and body.

After that, we went to the president’s house which is just around the mausoleum itself. The whole life of uncle Ho, he has lived in 3 houses. He was granted with a big mansion which is now the current official resident of the president, (obviously we can’t enter that house!) but as this guy is a humble person, he moved out to a smaller modern house but still not satisfied. At last he moved out to a traditional Vietnam house made of wood.

Meanwhile, my friends still got the time to shop. This Malaysians are..I tell you! Are so generous! Anywhere they can find something to buy, they just can’t help themselves!

Supposedly, according to plan, we are to visit a temple. Historical temple, of course. But since we spent a long time ‘shopping’ at the mausoleum, the time is to cut short. But ha..ha..ha..Malaysian of course they will choose food rather than historical places, so we head straight to Nisa to have our lunch. From Nisa, starts our journey to Ha Long City. The journey to Ha Long takes about 3 hours. Actually, it wasn’t that far but because of the road infrastructure are not developed, therefore it lengthen the journey. 

that is that for the time being..suppose to upload pic from the musoleum visit..but malas lak..later lah.. peace!

p/s- my classmates doesn't actually know that I'm a camera, I was a bit shy here and there to 'menyemak' di sana sini..but I guessed, you can't hide yourself forever,terbongkarlah sket2..ehehe..

ISP final presentation

Happy Sunday! harini rasa mcm taknk buat apa2 pn. Nak relaks, santai- santai je kat rumah. So, yesterday was the final presentation of ISP. I guessed it was ok though our group macam kena hentam teruk by one of the assessor. Actually, I think the assessor tu saja je bikin gempak.. hahaha.. from the beginning lagi dah..

‘Oh! I don’t understand..why this..this..this..’
Hello! I think we have mentioned it before. So just how many times do you want us to repeat it until it gets into your mind?

However, final comment ours was among the highest. So, no offense. Hahaha.. I have to thank my friend for all the good effort despite all the problems of not the stability of these hormones. It wouldn’t have worked without you. So, well, you know who you are.. Thank you very much.
I really don’t mind what my grade will be because I know I haven’t contributed that much so long as I just passed and never have to repeat it again!hahaha.. So good thinking for a student, right? Never aims high, just be average. Whatever!
So, one more paper to go! Exam on this 6th May and this worries me because I’m clueless of the subject. Well, if it is a matter of facts and ‘goreng – goreng’ I think I can manage. But this is financial we are talking about! And I am never good in maths! Actually, I’m sucks! Hahaha.. Need a tutor on this. Anyone cares to tutor me?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Muslimah Denim - Mie Rull's 5th Event 2011

Mie Rull 5th event this year..which means event aku yg ke berapa yer?jap nak kira..
eh2..samalah Mie Rull! ini event saya yg ke lima jgk!
kebetulan pulak!

crite sket behind the scene.
Event mmg di jadualkan stat after Zohor..
so aku sampai lebih kurang pukul 1.45ptg. xjauh pun dari rumah aku. dengan gaya pemanduan aku, tak smpi 30 minit dh smpi. (agaknya sbb tulah kot hari Isnin tu tayar kete aku pecah?hahaha..)

sampai, duduk2,sembang2..
tunggu semua sampai..pastu stat mekap.

Aku di mekap oleh Ezzah Ezaham. Mua yg spttnya mekap aku masa event Kak Afra haritu tapi masa tu takde jodoh..hehehe..
Ezzah sdg menunjukkan skil beliau =)
nak di jadikan cerita..walaupun aku antara yg terakhir start mekap,tapi aku yg terawal siap. Kira hebatlah kan Ezzah? Tapi yg nervousnya I. sbb photog berebut -rebut. Ceit! perasan juga ini budak..
betullah!dah tu diorg dh tunggu lama, sampai naik bosan dh.

So, aku pun telah di kidnap oleh sekumpulan photographer yg sgt2 best, sporting & happening!memula tu I mcm shy2 cat tp bila dh panas bontot,mulalah tunjuk taring..ada aku kisah?hahaha..

okay!dah! stop chit chatting! kasik up gambar!

photos by: Koisee man

photos by Yarn theartsoul

photos by see serak

last but not least, photos from Roy Terachi

nak tgk lebih2, leh view kat FB I ok.. ada 2,3 org photog lagi yg sempat snap gmbr aku masa nk last2 tu..nak dekat sunset..cantik gak..

photos by Abang Helmy Abang Razak

or bole tgk kat blog Roy terachi <- klik sini gmbr2 yg dia shoot.

oh!sebelum terlupa..kasi up gmbr bersama Alya Syaqiera. akhirnya, berkesempatan jugak snap2 dgn Alya tapi tak bnyklah..

Miss Alya Syaqiera, I suka dia =)

oh!kebetulan haritu birthday Alya..Ainnur dan Niz buat surprise celebration untuk cikgu Alya ni..mesti terharu kan??kalau aku berada di tempat Alya pun pasti aku terharu jugak.

overall, saya sgt2 berpuas hati dan sgt gumbira after this event. tapi minta maaf jugalah pada photog2 sekalian, if Idon't deliver. Saya budak baru belajar, jadi salah silap tlg tunjukkan..mujur ada Roy Terachi sbg 'pose choreographer' I for that day..lain kali ajar lagi yer, Roy..looking forward =)

nota kaki: that day, photog byk request I suh senyum..Fiefa senyum fiefa..senyum..ceria sket..takpe tunjuk gigi, cantik bila diorg upload gmbr, takde pun gmbr I tayang gigi...
heh!nmpk sgt I fail senyum k!hahaha..

Part 1 - Study Trip to Hanoi, Vietnam (24 - 25 March 2011)

Backdated punya entry sbnrnya..nak menulis pun ikut mood dan kelapangan masa..

ok, there goes..please read the tittle -> Study Trip, therefore it was a study trip..ngee..actually no! More to like jalan - jalan je..

kenapa study trip? well, i ni kan part timer student of Construction Management in Uitm. This is suppose to be my final sem, but since I decided to drop my thesis this sem, so, that's means I'm still attach to Uitm next sem! Well, see ya Uitm! ngee...

before further due, nak habaq mai lah kan..gmbr2 yg terdapat di sini adalah daripada kamera kwn2 dan sy sendiri!tapi tak bnyk pn dari aku!sbb aku ni jenis tak suka menangkap gmbr tp suka, pd kwn aku yg rasa2 gmbr korg kene cilok,ampunkanlah dosa aku yer.takkan pasal gmbr pun nk berkira kot?

oh! and ya! all the pics edited by me and sorry for that if i manipulate uols nyer gmbr pulak k..
ok, stop babbling..straight to the whole idea of this en3..

this study was intended for our last project in the course of Integrated Simulation Project 2 (ISP2) which is kitorg kena conduct a 'real situation project' for international market. Since, lecturer dah pilih Vietnam as potential country, so kitorg kenalah investigate why, what, how Vietnam. Malas nak cite panjang pasal course ni..but more excited to tell the story of the trip.

p/s - ko ni nk ckp BM ke BI?
suka hati akulah labu...ada aku kisah? =P

Rombongan ni terdiri daripada 22 org pelajar Msc Integrated Construction Management, Uitm dan 5 org pensyarah pengiring..pastu ada 2 org student Phd, itu tak termasuk spouse lecturer2 total up dalam 32 org termasuklah sorg travel agen from Smart Travel & Tours.

kos pergi balik - RM 1,998 huh!nyusahkan betul! bundarkan aje jadi RM 2,000!
memula bila nk kene kuar duit RM 2K rasa cam mahalnyer! tapi bila dah alami sendiri, rasa mcm berbaloi dan kalau ikutkan murahlah berbanding dgn servis yg thumbs up to Smart Travel & Tours especially to Kak Nida..hehe yg bnyk membantu I dalam sesi tawar menawar k..Love u, Kak!

Kha, 24 March 2011

- departure from KLIA to Noi Bai, Hanoi at 10.15 am
- arrived to Noi Bai airport around 1.15 pm local time. beza waktu Hanoi dgn Kl 1 jam delay, so in Kl around 2.15 pm camtu..

@KLIA before departure

@ Noi Bai Airport, Hanoi upon arrival

nak cerita sdkt pengalaman dlm flight. Dlm flight, aku terpisah sket dari group rombongan..tercampak kat depan sengsorang..nasib duduk sblh tgkp..aku duduk sebelah budak Mat Saleh..

ok, budak yer!6 tahun..
sebelah dia bapak dia yg keje asyik nak tido je..hehehe..
sian anak dia tu..nak ajak main..

budak tu peramah..dok sembang2 dgn takdelah rasa bosan sgt. He's French and can speak fluent English..tapi somehow slang budak ni macam pelik perancis nyer slang ke cmni?
so aku pun tanya

aku: where do you live?
boy: Bangalore

no wonderlah slang and the way he speaks mcm Indian..siap geleng2 kepala lagi bila bercakap..
moral of the story, I xnk anak I pn nanti ada that accent k..(huh!ada kaitan ka?)

so, reach Hanoi..first thing first -> TOILET!

toilet takde paip air k! nilah salah satu masalah org Malaysia..hehe..

- meet our local travel agent -> Suan

- check in hotel -> Bro & Sis Hotel
- cyclo ride around city of Hanoi. Cyclo ni beca org2 Vietnam
     Hanoi from 1st impression?
     hurm, pelik..kenapa bangunan dia tinggi2 tapi slim nak mampos?tak proportion betul!
     trafik?takde apa yg pelik sgt sbb dah biasa tgk dlm Amazing Race. Bersepah2 motor yg jln ikut suka hati diorg je..pastu sket2 main hon.Kesimpulannaya, sgt2 bising dan agak kotor dan berbau..

See that tall building with horses statues entrance?
Indonesian investors projects and the price for 1 unit  to rent is USD 1,000 if I'm not mistaken..
I sort of mixed up the numberslah..

the architecture of Hanoi -> slim & tall
as explained by Suan (our travel agent) tanah kat Hanoi sgt2 mahal especially kt prime area.
1 lot yg kecik tu boleh mencecah USD 2 mil.
that's is why Vietnamese built max as they can..

inilah cyclo

okay! I bought this photo for 20,000 VND = RM 3.00
in Hanoi, diorg will do anything to get money, including jadi street photographers yg take shot of random tourist and then they will sell to the tourist.

tips from Suan - Lintas jalan tutup mata je,pasti selamat!
dan itulah apa yg aku praktikkan..hehehe..main lintas je ikut suka..
motobikers they know mcmana nk mengelak..
Cyclo pun ada no plate tau! Malaysia ada?

famous bridge in Hanoi unfortunately I lupa nama apa..
It was built by the same architect of Eiffel Tower
notice that tall and slender building?
and that mural wall?
it is 4km long to celebrate Hanoi city of 100 years
oh!and its not painted it is made up mosaic tiles.

- Water Puppet show
          water puppet show ni lebih kurang mcm wayang kulit Malaysia tapi wayang kulit ni guna karakter bayang2 kan? puppet show ni guna bkn cm omputihnyer style yg attached to strings to..bukan! dia adalah puppet2 yg menari-nari di dalam air..hahaha

Bangunan Water Puppet theatre

Puppets In action!


- then, dinner time! Nisa Restaurant
 satu lagi masalah org Malaysia, actually Muslim of courselah makanan!dekat Hanoi, susah gila nak cari makanan halal k! there is only 2 halal restaurants in Hanoi. 1 Indian Restaurant, Tandoor and the other 1 is Nisa Restaurant. For your info, Nisa Restaurant ni restoran org kita.
yes!truly Malaysia! pandai org kita berniaga kan?

owner dia Malaysian kawen dgn Vietnamese - open Halal restaurant di mana dia sendiri yg sembelih ayam dan daging dan supply to others jugak.

kat restoran Nisa, terjumpalah 2 org kawan yg pergi on a private trip. Diorg ajak aku sekali masa nk g tu, which is since last year (Air Asia kn..kenalah book awal.) nasib baik aku ckp taknk sbb takut clash dgn belajar..sekali betul2 lak...

Long lost friends! =P
xleh blah bila diorg mcm tercengang jmpa aku..
yg aku lak terkinja2 melompat peluk2 diorg..sengal tul!

after dinner, balik hotel. Tapi sbb Malaysian ni kan terkenal dgn sifat pemurah nak meningkatkan ekonomi negara orang, so kitorg pun pegilah jalan2 survey barang dekat kedai2 berhampiran hotel.

tension aku!macam itik dgn ayam bercakap!
Suan ckp Vietnamese tau a little bit English tapi ini mcm lgsng tak tau apa ni..
balik kekecewaan dan tido lagi bagus!
esok boleh lagi..

dan nantilah smbg lagi..nanti tu pun tak tau zmn bila..tgk mood jgk k.. =)

P/S - lupa nak ckp..the weather there at the moment of visit is so cold and windy. It's winter time! but it is said that it is more colder than ever. Around 11 degrees cold.


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