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Friday, February 25, 2011


okay..i'm not in the best emotional feelings this few days..
hurm, i don't know either..
at some point, i'm okay, enjoying my life..
but at some other point, I'm a bit loose..

I guess i'm at the confusion stage when 2 roads of life are offering it's wide challenges to me.
I don't know whether i should choose something I like which is ALWAYS! ALWAYS so risky..
or should i just follow what people surrounding me thinks the best for me?

I think for the entire 26 years of my life, I have just been following the flow..
Follow what life is offering me which sometimes or should I say always? are the opposite desire of myself?

Oh! God! Please help me on some point of my life, i'm not that happy with it. 
I want more!more and more! 

Not quite sure what I really want actually!
 Feel like crying right now!
I'm no good! but i try to hold on!
trying to find pieces in me!

Oh!tuhan!andai ini yang tersirat di dalam perjalanan hidup ku,
Kau permudahkanlah laluannya..
Kau berkatilah setiap langkah perjalanan hidupku..
Kau lindungilah aku dalam setiap keputusan yang aku pilih..
Semoga, Ya Allah, aku mendapat ketenangan dalam diriku...
Dunia dan Akhirat..

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