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Monday, July 18, 2011

Petronas University of technology

A trip to Petronas University of technology. Just amazed by the architecture and proud of it!
One thing for sure, is not designed by local architects.
 It was from famous Foster + partners with the collaboration of local architect firm GDP Architects.
 I wonder when can someday our local architect can do such a thing..
I mean look at KLCC itself..our proud building is also designed by outsiders..
that thing I can't be so sure..
but 1 thing for sure, it will never come out from me.. 

oh yeah! marching in the uni..

Obviously,it's a mosque..

It's the main building where the huge & fascinating library is..

view of the main building

outside the library..

inside the library..nice right?it really just the same that you browse through in the architecture books.. just love the bookshelves!

the main feature of the library..the staircase..


view inside the library..

                    view of the classes

ceiling details


and of course there's us..^_^ everyone.. ^_^

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