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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

OMG!why..why..?Why JLo breaks up with Marc Anthony?

JLo breaks up with Marc Anthony?


Why on earth?

Okay, so what if this is not fresh news baked from oven?

But I'm so in love with JLo together with Marc.
I'm a great fan of JLo..
not because of her songs..
trust me I hardly know her songs..
so much of a fan,huh?
But sure do I watch her movies.

I love her because of her looks..
and the body..
It's a WOW!


after all she's listed as 1 of the beautiful person on earth,right?

While, on the other hand I was never a fan of Marc Anthony.


Because he hasn't has the type of looks that I like..
Unlike Ben Affleck..

So when at first, JLo marries Marc and breaks up with Ben..

I was like...

What the h...?

until I watch this clip..


I have fallen in love with you, Marc!
like seriously!

It was a sweet thing watching them together performing at American Idol.

But, well..they have their own reason why they decided to be apart..

Let them just be..

Takde apa yang merugikan aku pun..=P

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