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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Friends Forever

Though I don't give YOU a call,
Though I seldom sms YOU,
Though I hardly give YOU gifts 
Though I seem to not care about YOU,
Though I seem to not appreciates YOU,
Though I hardly express my love to YOU,

The truth is

YOU will always be in my heart,
YOU will always be in  my mind,
YOU will always be among the first to come across,

I love YOU
I care for YOU
I appreciates YOUR friendship

YOU  have always been my best friend

But yet

I don't want to bother YOU
YOU and your life

we seem different now,
we don't share the same interest anymore,
we don't face the same life anymore,

So Dear Friend,

Let it just be my love send to you from far

As I don't want this friendship to ends

Have a blast!


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