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Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Business plan in progress

been a long time since i jot something here..not that i'm not on9,just that i've been busy with keeping up my i've said before, i'm planning a business of my own. i'm building a new blog site for it. That is called It's still under construction though but i can start the business any minute if i got any order..hahaha..well..have a look at my new site. it's a business of wedding cards for future bride and groom. to tell the truth, i've been dreaming of this since i don't really know when..hehehe..actually, it all started when i first realize that how much passion that i have when something related to weddings. i love gubahan hantaran,love wedding dress and this is the best part that i's it!love it!and love it so much!you the look at the bride and groom happy they look so 'bahagia' finally got bond with marriage..and all of a sudden i've even realized that i love wedding cards also..i love to see the design and the exclusive of the cards..shame to say this but let me just be frank..hehehe..i've even imagine my own wedding which is i dont know when..huhuhu..poor me huh?so the whole idea of this wedding card business came from i cannot design my own wed card just yet..why not i design for others?and make it a business as i've always been wanting to own a some of the wed cards in market now are not that beauty but yet expensive.i didnt tell anyone about this plan cause i want it to make it real first then i would say it loud to i plan it all by's not easy..i tell you..all i did it by should not be a problem to me..i suppose..but the printing..and all the steps to make a card..that's the hardest part..i mean i dont know anything about it. so i just go from shop to shop asking,surveying..erm..bad experience with these people..which i dont want to tell..i was about to give up but i motivate can you back off now when everything is infront of you?so i just go on..and i'm so grateful that i didn't give up...Alhamdulillah,finally i met with a true, kind hearted man,abg Mail who is willing to teach me. so he thought me everything about this business from A - Z. and now that i'm proud to say that i'm ready for this business..just need to do some marketing plan and some promo to promote myself and my work. so, if you guys or any of your friends are going to get married in anytime soon, looking for fresh new design of wedding cards but worries about budget..well..worries no contact me or take a look at my new page for any further enqueries. as a starter, profit is not the main priority..but it's more to satisfaction..but of course people do business for the profit right?hehee..what i mean is that i'm not going to put high cost..can negotiate ma..especially if you guys are close friends of the way, if you guys are a good designer,which i know most of my friends can do the design work..but send for printing to me..dont believe me that it is much cheaper?wel..try me..i'll prove it to you guys..


posurm said...

fi, nk tnye skit.. FZcreativecard ko nie trima tmpahan printing gak kan..? Kire hrga mcm mn ek? Send me some info, ok..!

fiefa_coretan said...

erm..trime tempahan printing..ko nk print apa?basically,FZcreative amik printing kad kawen,paper bag,flyers,business apa yg ko nk?b4 aku leh send more info.


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