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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


life have been upside down for me this few months..i dont know exactly what has happen to me.. i thought i have found the love of my life but things have been more complicated than ever..problems occur everyday. i have done everything in my will to keep things together. guess this is what life really meant to be..sometimes you are at the top and by the time you realized it you are at the very bottom of the world. things that you have done to others may surprised to be stabbed back at you..and yup!that is what happens to me..i left the one and only precious thing that ever belong to me for the sake of my own satisfaction..of what i thought is my happiness but look at what happen to me?i've been taken for granted.played as a ball.kicked here and there.guessed you will never get what you really insist in life. that things dont exist so everyone stop dreaming!!!just be grateful and thankful to whatever that you're having satisfied with what you owned now.ever heard of what people say life is unfair???well..let another person quote it back..LIFE IS UNFAIR!!!!!it is not a win-win situation.and never will!one will always be unsatisfied while the other will enjoy their is time for me to back off..time for me to stay wide awake that true love doesnt exist in life.but i'm still hoping that life will turn better for me as i have realized the mistake of my my life. for those that i have failed and dissapointed,i truly am sorry for whatever that i have done in chasing my insists. there is no more hope as i am badly injured and depressed.enough is enough..

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