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Thursday, March 26, 2009

My bz weekend!!!!purple room with ikea bed..

Last weekend i suppose was the busiest week for me.. i have been busy here and there,setting up my room. (Been hunger for my own room,finally!!!)Well, Since my mom said find the best furniture for the room, katanyer nanti nk kawen i dont really mind spending that much money for just a room. Plus more we, human beings spend much of our life in the bed..of course i want a cosy place to sleep,a place that is just privately for me..and some more 'HIM' is willing to spend half on takdelah terasa sangat kan?after more, he'll be my roomate someday..insyaallah..hehehe..
Erm,back to the point..on Saturday, i got dentist appoinment at 10.30 am and finished around 12pm. i went to buy some more paint after my brother had ruining my wall with his painting skills!!So, finally i chose purple as my colour.. Dulux 90RB 23/228 FABLE 1Lfor my feature wall and Dulux 90RB 68/085 Lyrical Poetry 5L which cost me rm29 X 2 = rm 58 and rm106. Total cost for wall painting = rm164. Then, i head home,rest,watching tv,played with my nephew..thinking about going to Post office to withdraw money from ASB (since i have ran out of money in my account,had to withdraw from ASB!!!!)but terasa malas...but because i wanted to go to ikea the next day,since it's the last day of sale!!!so i went to the maluri post office only to find out that ASB are offline during weekends.meaning,operation just during working days.sigh!erm..never mind..just window shopping at jusco..but was torturing..i had to control myself not to buy anything...n lol! end up i did buy i dont know what its called.multipurpose drawer?or watever..
Heading back home..thinking how am i suppose to get the room painted?since i never experience painting..but there you bro in law is in the first i thought of asking him to just mix the paint for me and i'll be painting myself..but then my brother came back from i hired them to do all the return have to spend rm108 for Dominos in the house..finished painting until midnight..n they just left all the cleaning to the next morning, i have to clean the mess up!hell!it was tiring..but looking at the room..erm..not satisfied leaving the beam all i paint it!finish painting + cleaning around 7pm...tiring already..planned to go to Ikea in the afternoon but drag to after several visits to the store, i bought ikea MALM bed frame which cost rm749. transportation? white myvi!!thanks to it!!my myvi can actually fit the whole bed!!!macam tak caya..even the salesperson said that it cannot fit..but me n my brother just throw everything into it..hehehe..n i'm proud of my myvi!!

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