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Monday, April 27, 2009

weekend activity..the ever 1st time i bake something!

Last weekend was the very first time in the history i was willing to do something in the kitchen..hehehe..i make donuts..actually, i thought about it 3 weeks before but as always things come across..but alhamdulillah i manage to make it reality last week..
hurm..of course credit to my mom..the head chef...without her of course i had no idea on how to do gave me some tips that i'm sure gonna practic if i ever gonna bake again..hehehe..but it was actually fun..n i'm thinking of doing another kuih pulak next time..erm..what er?maybe caramel puding?cos dh lama tak makan..huwaa..

my donuts tgh naik..ready to be cook

my finish product. have to be put in seal place so that nanti tak keras..keras tak sedap..n the donut sengaja to be goreng garing sket..cos my family loves something that is crunchy.

hurm..thinking of doing dunkin donut..but the choc spoiled it!!!the choc was too 'cair'.. coklat jahat!!!

As on Sunday,i manage to finish drafting my friend's wedding card..her wedding is at the end of this year but of course as always i'm so eager with anything that has to do with wedding...hurm..maybe i should change my profession to wedding planner?not a bad idea..hahaha..

front cover..will be printed on silver metallic 240g paper with all the writings and pic on silver hotstamp.

the inside. will be printed on the paper itself with black ink.

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