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Thursday, November 26, 2009


erm..such a long time..dh lama rasanyer aku tak meluahkan rasa rindu pd seseorang..yes!aku rindukan dia..for quite sometimes the feeling went missing in my heart..but now here it come again..n i know the feeling is much stronger than before..but yet i still need to search in myself..searching for the truth..mencari kejujuran dlm diri ini..and it is not easy..after what i have done..decision have to be made..aku tak boleh mebiarkan semuanya berlalu mengikut masa..i have to take charge!!but this time,it have to be final and permanent..God!life is too's like gambling..gambling with life..watever decision i made,i hope it comes deep down in my heart..with the guide from Allah...cos i really need that..sometimes i wonder..why cant my life be normal like others?why does it have to be such a drama?is it bcos i'm such a drama queen? kdg2 hidup mcm drama ni best gives u ups and where the adventure comes..but too much drama????is just killing!!meantime,chill out!!

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