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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


sorry for not updating my blog recently..been bz with my everyday life and problems that occurs lately..dgn keje kat ofis yg kembali sibuk..internet kat umah prob..dgn kete aku yg dh ternoda...waa...sedih...(tp nsb dh cun blk) i can not concentrate on wedding cards biz..however,walaupun bz i still manage to siapakn 2 more designs..n i love blum leh update kat my other blog..cos i'm still trying to upgrade my bis all takes times..erm..thinking of taking a bis partner who act. can do work..i mean FZcreative already have a partner but that is sleeping partner..tugas dia just kuarkan modal sket n find customers..meanwhile,i havent had any new customer..beside reserved for my fren yg nk kawen insyallah ujung tahun n yg nk bertunang this march..erm..kbnykan org sume dh tempah kad awal2..biasalah..lagi awal lagi senang..tapi takpe..i'm not giving up.biasala awal2 mesti susah sket nk once dh dpt kepercayaan org,laju je the way i have to proof to my bro in law too..cos he's going to give me bis opportunity (contract with government) if i i have to proof not just to him but rather to myself..cos this is the thing that i really love doing...huh!sometimes i even think about quitting my current job so that i can concentrate more on this. but everything have to have back up as i'm still caiyok!caiyok!keep up the good works!

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