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Saturday, December 6, 2008

story of braces part 3

well..quite some times since i jot something down in here..been busy lately with my personal life..going there,going here..back at home tired already..almost got no time to surf.
so,back to the topic. so i already got my braces on last tuesday, 25th Nov 2008. so today is already the 11th day of me carrying this little wire in my mouth..not so much pain i would say..just that it's been quite hard in consuming something. people said that it is suffering..suffer in pain n in eating..guess maybe i'm one of the others that didnt really suffer in wearing those thing. as for a close friend...she experienced ulcers all over her mouth when she extract her teeth..and the first few weeks putting braces on she hardly cant chew just eat porridge..that's why she was kind of surprised seeing me can eat easily without suffering..erm..dont knowlah..maybe i'm just so lucky or what..but i did follow everything what my dentist ask me to do..maybe because of me following orders helps..i dont know..guess different people different experience. so for those who's been wanting to get braces on, but afraid of the 'penyeksaan' i advise just go on with the intention..dont listen to what others say because you never know until you experience it yourself.
Talking about the day, 25th Nov 2008. i had appointment at about 2.30 pm and guess what time i finished?4.30 pm..approx. 2 hrs.. okay to make story short..i'll just tell the procedures k?
  1. 1st step - chain are installed. on my previous post i said that rubber band are installed so that gap can be provided?well, here's the reason why the gap are put the chain inside so that wire can be tighten to its ends. i had problem with my below left teeth as the rubber band went out of its place leaving no gap between the teeth. at first my dentist struggle hard to put the chain in. push really really hard and i cannot deny it.. i had no prob with the other three teeth except for this side. not really that hurt but at this side..huh!really hurting plus looking at my dentist really struggling make it more last Dr Zarin give the below left side no chain is install,instead he put some kind of tube.
  2. 2nd step - put on bracket.bracket are those 'jewel' that installed on the surface of each teeth by using strong glue (bonder). the bracket will take the force from archwire (refer step 3) and traslate it to the tooth. the brackets are different from one tooth type to the other so that they can all work the best they can for a perfect smile.
  3. 3rd step - Archwire are wired. Archwire is the “wire” that holds all elements in place. The arch goes from left to right and the brackets are connected to it. This element is of a huge importance since it’s the one to “force” the teeth into their proper position together with the elastics. At first the archwire looks “jagged” since the brackets are placed at the same distance from the end of the tooth. Since one tooth is placed higher than the other, the patient will have a “crooked” archwire. The wire tends to go to its original form, thus forcing the teeth to go up or down or rotate until they are all set. like mine now!if you see it, mine looks crooked.
  4. 4th step - small rubber called ligatures are put between those wire and brackets to 'tie' them together.ligatures come in various colour that we can request for. some people like to make it as fashion statement. know like accessories on your teeth and you can get creative. as for mine, i let Dr Zarin to he chose orange..not bad..i mean i like it..
  5. one more step - elastics. these might get used in order to help with the jaw problems. as i got no problem with my jaw line so i dont need those things. the way..pic above is not mine..just something i got from the internet..

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