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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Part 4 : method of cleaning braces

been a month of living with was not easy...extra care should be given to your teeth..sometimes you tend to look at mirror more longer at your teeth than at your face..hehehe..
my dentist taught me how to clean my teeth..he said to brush my teeth like normal with normal toothbrush and buy this small spiral toothbrush to slip in between the metal braces and parts that is hard to reach with normal toothbrush. that's it! but i thought it was kind of easy..too easy i suppose so i did some research on method of cleaning it. what my Dentist was right.of course he's the dentist.the professionals!but there are some more method. like flossing!which is hard..and i dont know how to floss..
Cleaning braces is important!because braces trap foods easier.and this mean plaque formation is easier..and as others concern plaque can lead to gum disease and enamel damage..when you brush you teeth and sometimes its bleeding..then that's the sign of plaque formation in your teeth..
brushing is the main method of cleaning..but what's more important is the way you it the effective way?do i brush effectively?i dont know either..hehehe..well..lets together share this info which i obtained from the internet.

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