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Sunday, November 9, 2008

MML new product launch

erm..last friday nite i attend this event with nadh n we met velvin there. act it was an invitation for 10 person but only the 3 of us interested to was a nice experience..1st time..ya,sure everthing got the first time,right?..n i'm glad that i went there.
the event was held at the Mercedes auto showroom at Jln Sultan Ismail,starts at 7.15pm.
Nadh n i perform our solat at Shang -ri La hotel..really amazed by the interior..wonder how much per night..haha..then we walked to the event place. present our invitation card n went inside. the event was like a party with all this 'org besar2' hang up.first,feel like 'malu2' then buat bodoh je..hahaha..find a place beside velvin n his fren..then we start eating..erm..this is the part dat make me glad that i came..hahaha..the food was super delicious yummy2..though i dont know what it is was like a cocktail event..wat more interesting is that the waiter/waitress serve the food on tiles which they decorate it to fit the food. Interesting huh?n the drinks were served in the like test tubes in the science experiment.creative!i dont knowlah kan..since this is the first event i've attended..Nway,back to the food..we had lambs,prawns,chickens,sushi,otak2,oyster,desserts..huh!so much that i ate dat nite!as we ate,some of them start to mingle around, especially the MML staff,u know..just to get business going..we were told it's not act new product was just to gather up to get to know each wonder i was confuse when we first enter the event hall..cos wat greet us was this men in cats,lions costume which remind me of america's next top model..then was this juwita suwito bad that we at first didnt recognize her..hahaha..then i saw this really cool,handsome guy(not malaysian,i guess mix?) dressing casual not like everyone else.this guy n his fren really shine that time..n i thought they were is true..they went out just to grab some food b4 the fashion show starts..ya..i know wat u're thinking..there's a fashion show!n i love it!!the clothes r nice n there's this one model,she's so beautiful!then,was the turn for Atilia.owh my god!!!she is really2 small!!i dont know how to i malu nk tangkap gmbr dgn dia!takut nnti nmpk cam giant!hahaha..the closing of the event was a tag heur show time..for ur info,tag heur was one of the sponsor for the nite..n not to forget all the fashion show was sponsored by jendela kl..well, i dont know how the party ends bcos we left b4 it finish..but overall..i love the nite..Nway,enjoy the pic..some pics are with nadh,i'll update later..

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