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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Something in plan..

erm..just got home from seeing my's a start..well,one of a thing that i'm planning..this is the first visit..i mean not the first visit to this dentist but the first time in fulfilling my plan..what is my plan?actually, i plan to do orthodontics an easy meaning..braces!yup!finally, i've made up my mind to wear one. it's not an easy decision i would took me a year to finally make decision.cos i've accepted the way i look.thanks to Allah for giving me this face.i love this braces wearing is not purposely for aesthetic value but more for my health. after doing some research and reading on the internet and browse thru other's experience on forum,i think i'm prepared for it.though a bit 'takut'! for some reasons...
  1. takut sakit!people said it is suffering for a few months!cannot eat that and thislah...erm..but on the way,i can be 'kurus' kot..hahaha
  2. i'm afraid of how i would look like wearing it!
  3. i sayang my 'taring'!it would not be there any longer...hahaha..
  4. i'm afraid of how i would look like after i complete the treatment..cantikkah wajahku?
dont worry..i'll tell the whole process of me getting that i would not forget..anyhow,it is once in a lifetime...unless kalau gigi u senget baliklah bcos of tak jaga..
Nway, back to the dentist story..the clinic is in Taman Putra. Klinik Pergigian Dr Zarin. i've been there b4. once doing my my mum n my late dad doing their teeth treatment. i had appointment at 1pm. so met the dr. explained why i was there the dr start explaining the procedures n wat ever that i should know.most of it i already know cos of my research!!so there is no chance of anyone trying to cheat me ha...but this Dr is sporting..bole nyanyi2. kacau2 nurse dia..n even called my name as if we've known each other well i guess i have no prob with the dr. can get along well..maybe we can b,there are only 2 kinds of braces provided at his clinic. metal n ceramic braces. metal cost rm3k without mouth preparation and ceramic cost around rm4k. i decided to take metal becos metal is more convenient and easy to handle and clean. method of payment. rm300 installment and after each treatment pay some more..depends on ha?other clinics will charge more!rm4k for metal braces and rm1k for dr. Zarin's is the cheapest that i've search plus close to my it would not be a he did took mould for my teeth..that's all wat he did.then i set another appoinment for next session.that would be on this wed 19/11/08 at 8pm..maybe to extract my teeth!!uiks!!sakitnyer!so today's csession cost me rm15 for the mould.


ariff said...

hahah pagi tadi aku dah buka blog ko, sebab kita org umpat ko...tup tup usop ckp, ko nak pakai bracing, aku tanya mana ko dpt tau, kak pah buat blog..ooooh jadi blogger jugak ko ni

amboi nak buat bracing pulak, kaya kaya. tapi tak pelah, org nak cantikkan, nanti cantiklah tude himah jugak la tu
so kurang la sikit projeck to nanti....ahhah project? apa tu..dotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

wah..cantiklah main gambar tu, pagi tadi tak de lagi, skrg baru letak ke? so nice la...bestla kaqlau ko buat blog at least tu la perkembangan ko, tapi jgn perkembangan ko dah la

kalau ko nak tau cerita baru ym aku cepat.. ade faham?

Riena said...

i try call dr zarin but no body pick up..susahnyaaa


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