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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

a month living with braces

well..before i start to the main topic..just an intro of what's been happening in my life work life? half of my life is about work..workaholic?no lah!just that that's the main focus now..but lately i'm enjoying more of my life since not much of work load there is at office..just been doing models for some projects for the past 1 and half month.boring!my fingers all aches and my arms..but sometimes's been a long time since i last did models..that is when i was once a stud..n tell you what?the models i did for my office is much much more nicer than the one i did in passionate to finish each models..
after work's life at home..i enjoy it!since you can say everyday i went home at 6pm..sometimes cant wait for 6pm to arrive...eager to reach home everyday..(since when ha?)hahaha..though i dont really have anything to do at home.but that's the fact now!even now i'm lazy to go to the gym..i heard that everyone at the gym was asking about me...i dont knowlah..i dont have the heart to go to gym..i just want to stay home and watch 'GELORA DI HATI SARA'..hahaha..i love the drama..i love Fauziah Latiff's some more i'm busy preparing something in plan for the upcoming year 2009. it's a small business. well,better start small than nothing right?the point is i dont want to talk about this..just yet!cos it's still under planning and construction...when it comes for real..then it's time for another blog..right now what's more interesting to talk is about my braces...ok..straight...never realized how quick time pass by..i've been wearing braces for a month now..and today at 4pm i got another appoinment with my lovely dentist Dr. Zarin..not sure what he's going to do today but i promise will write about how's living with braces?it's been fine..getting used to it...sometimes my friends worries about me more than i do..cos i just eat what i feel like eating..guess will never loose my weight though wearing know what?i realized that i curb for eating much much more with braces on than without..wah!so abnormal right?people tend to less eating but i tend to eat more!and with this 'lazy bones' nowadays to go to gym...wonder do i gain weight?huh!sigh!oh no!but i still can fit my clothes..n my office mate asked wether i loose weight cos she said my jeans look loose..hurm????jeans loose or my thigh loose?better buy a measure weight to be more confirm..

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