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Sunday, November 23, 2008

funny how time can change life..

it's time time pass by,many things around us have change..especially people around us. i've been longing to write this thing up..but maybe at that time wasn't really feel to write..
this is a story about me n my frens..i dont really know wat really happens btwn's just that we've been separated from each other..each day feel like we never even been not knowing each other anymore..and what leave me on confusion is that without really knowing why?what have happens to our frenship?who's fault is it?mine?or just we doesnt really meant to be frens?dat's y i name it time changes our life..
actually, i really miss this one old fren of mine..which i already consider her as my soul friends..we've been friends since high school..together into the same school,same uni,same course..i realy enjoy our friendship..however,langit tak selalunya cerah..she started to keep a distance from me. i dont know why..maybe because she's tired of me?she's bored with me?or she already found the love of her life..someone that she's longing to live with..until she forgot the meaning of friendship..i dont really like people who actually forgets their friends when they found their right person. in that case what are friends for?why do we actually become friends if one day when you found your love, you actually forget and abandon all your surrounding friends whos been with you all this while?whos been supporting you?who's been with you through good and bad time?why?unless that friend doesnt mean anything to you..i dont in what circumstances i say all this things..but it really hurts my feeling so much..people surrounding me tell me to just let go of let her enjoy her life..and just go on with my own..that's what i've been doing..i am enjoying my life now..i have almost everything what i want in this life..i have my family..i already found the true love of mine..(if he is meant for me, insyaallah)i have real friends around me..but i kept thinking about her...i miss her..every single day..i miss our good old days...sometimes when i was thinking about her,thinking about what our relationship have been through,thinking about what happens between us..few clear drops fall from my eyes..i cant really let her's as if she's a part of mine now..i just love her...i cant lie to myself..maybe i cant lie to the people around me..i can pretend like i dont care what happen but deep inside me..only god knows...i always bear in mind that why should i appreciate someone who doesnt appreciate me?why do i keep thinking about the person who never think about me?i got no explanation for all this..i know she owe me some least tell me what it my fault?or what..but i know it will keep matter what happens..she will always be someone i meaningful to me..i hope she's happy with her own life now without me...and i'm sorry for what i have done puposely or unpurposely..i'm sorry'll always be my friend even though i'm not your friend anymore. my heart is just too stubborn to let our friendship end just like that.once again i'm sorry friend..
to another good friend of mine..thank you for always being there for me..i love you too..sometimes i feel like i'm a burden to you but you never even complain about it..hope that you and him with stay in love forever as i hope that our friendship will remains forever n one last thing that i hope will never happen to our friendship..that you never change. i want you to stay this way..cos i love you just the way you are. hope you feel the same way about me and about us.


ariff said...

juts be urself, dont ever think to people not care about u, u should happy with ur life.....thats malay's people problem. we always think poeple's prblm in our mind. its not about selfish or arragont, but sometime we need to be arragont n people will love us, care us, n respect us.

i know u r good girl, lovely. just be urself, give ur love to everyuone u should give. especially me. hahaha at least , i'm ur friend ok

fiefa_coretan said...

well..i refuse to give that much a thought..i kind of enjoy the way i live now with the people around me..if a person doesnt care about us,what the heck, right?its just a person..


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