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Sunday, April 17, 2011

ISP final presentation

Happy Sunday! harini rasa mcm taknk buat apa2 pn. Nak relaks, santai- santai je kat rumah. So, yesterday was the final presentation of ISP. I guessed it was ok though our group macam kena hentam teruk by one of the assessor. Actually, I think the assessor tu saja je bikin gempak.. hahaha.. from the beginning lagi dah..

‘Oh! I don’t understand..why this..this..this..’
Hello! I think we have mentioned it before. So just how many times do you want us to repeat it until it gets into your mind?

However, final comment ours was among the highest. So, no offense. Hahaha.. I have to thank my friend for all the good effort despite all the problems of not the stability of these hormones. It wouldn’t have worked without you. So, well, you know who you are.. Thank you very much.
I really don’t mind what my grade will be because I know I haven’t contributed that much so long as I just passed and never have to repeat it again!hahaha.. So good thinking for a student, right? Never aims high, just be average. Whatever!
So, one more paper to go! Exam on this 6th May and this worries me because I’m clueless of the subject. Well, if it is a matter of facts and ‘goreng – goreng’ I think I can manage. But this is financial we are talking about! And I am never good in maths! Actually, I’m sucks! Hahaha.. Need a tutor on this. Anyone cares to tutor me?

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