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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Michelle Phan?Who??

Anyone familiar with this name?
No?Oh god!Don't know?
ngee..that's not a big issue actually. Unless if you are really into make up beauty and stuff then you are definitely insane to not knowing her..

Aha!i just got to know her too myself. so,no worries!
It was just by accident. Really! but i have become a huge fan of hers
okay! who is this Michelle Phan??

oh!'s just like the no. 1 make up guru in YouTube and widely known worldwide!
By Nov 2010, she's got 1 million subscribers and became the no. 1 most subscribed female on YouTube. I bet i'm one of them! ^_^/

here's what i thought of her...1st impression

I thought Michelle Phan is Thai.. at least for the name Phan..(sorry Michelle!) and i thought she's just an ordinary person who really likes to post videos in YouTube. at least maybe she's known in Asia cause i thought she still live in Thailand.

But to my surprised..she's not just that ordinary person..(unlike me!ha..ha..ha..)

1. She's a Vietnamese American who lives in US her entire life!
2. She actually got her job from her Youtube channel. Currently, she's a Lancome Model after Lancome discover her potential in Youtube and that is only after they found out that she actually failed Lancome job interview.  
3. She got all the spotlight in US just because of her contribution to YouTube channels!

why do i like her?

1. she's got this Asian looks with Asian skin and so her make up tutorials definitely suits me! or anyone with the Asian skin.
2. easy and natural looking make up unlike some make up artist who put really too much make up on and seems fake sometimes.
3.her videos really shows some effort of how passionate she is about beauty and sometimes you are so mesmerized by it and can't wait to try for yourself!

enough said! let's just share some of my fav videos.

Adorable! and her voice kind of cute!

Simple and natural everyday look.

perfect for specky like I am..but still not successful in trying it.ngee..

not enough?well, go google yourself.. then you'll find many great make up tutorials or even beauty tips from her..  =)

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