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Thursday, December 23, 2010

caution! you've gained weight!!

oh!no!this is freaking scary! I've gained weight! 
oh! come on.. 
Don't sound so surprised. Deep down you know you've gained weight. 
Yes, I do know that. It's just that I didn't expect it to gained that much.

That's the problem when you are too scared to weigh yourself. it's not my fault. hehehe.. Experts says that when you are on a diet, get rid of your weighing scale.. ok! I made that up! they didn't exactly say get rid, they just say that don't weigh yourself everyday. But what do I do?

I never ever weigh myself.
Until the moment of truth yesterday. All of a sudden i decided to.
 and BOOM!

What???so much kilos??
You want to know how much?naah...let's just keep that to myself. but what i can say is i weigh the same exactly before i went to gym!
That means i just happily spend my money to California Fitness and the personal trainer!
That is what happens when you stop exercising and eating happily ever after as if you're never going to see the food again.

hahaha..but want to know something?even yes, i realize i gained 8 kilos (there!i said it) but still i was thinking ok! not bad! after a year plus of stopping from gym only 8 kilos..hurm..not a good thinking, right??

therefore, starting from today.. i have to watch what is being put inside my body. maybe start back the eating habit i used to have a year back. Drink more water... 

oh! I'm starting! i already drank like half bottle already and i think 3 times already going to the ladies..hurm..good starter, right??

and know what i'm thinking also? well.. i'm thinking to get a weighing scale for myself! ha..ha..ha.. the one thing that i have always say NO..No..NO.. 

Well, let's just hope that i get my figure back! or at least nicer than before.
is that at least??
that is more than least.
that is going kill you.

wish me luck! 
p/s - today's lunch is FRIED MEE... (so much of a diet lah kan???)

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