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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

another step ahead

It’s been a while yes I know.
 It’s not that nothing to be said, 
it’s just I’m not in the mood to jot something.

So what is there to share now?


I would say another diversion in my life is coming through.
This time would be a career enhancement.
 I hope so.

For the record,this would be my 4th office ever since I graduated in June 2007. 
Meaning to say in 4 years I got 4 offices. 
Oh god!
Is that so obvious?
 Do I change offices every year?

I stayed 2 years in my 1st job. It was nice there. 
Good pay and good friends around plus good shopping environment there...ngee...

But somehow, lacking of something. 
Lack of work exposure, experiences
 and of course in a big firm with many heads to count, there’ll be a few that are not into you.

Having to know my weaknesses and my strength, I decided to further my study with a little diversion. 
In order for me to cope (doing part time study), I changed my office.
Unfortunately, that place does not suit me. 
The place itself and I, myself does not belong there. 
So, I was there for only 2 or 3 months.

Then I moved to my 3rd, which is my current, well at least until that 12th August 2011. 
So, it’s almost 2 years I was employed there. 
Actually, it was nice there.
The boss is okay, the colleagues are fine, and the working hours are nice.
It’s just that minor logistics problems and the pay, of course.

So, there goes my 4th office. 
The story behind this employment is really unexpected and remember able. 
I wasn’t searching for it.
 It was the time I decided to hold my career move away after several failures in interviews.

I think only 1 time je kot?

During the interview, I met another 2 candidates which are from my former office. 
It was weird though. 
It’s as if the employer is trying to catch ex-employee of that firm...

The interview went well and they say they’re going to call within a week. 
And so, I waited anxiously.

The funny thing is I dreamed of not getting the offer a night before they confirmed it. 
That morning I went to the office with a sorrow feeling trying to entertain myself.

Do I really want the job so badly?
 I mean looking from the job scope in which they explained, it suit me and my personal target. 
So, I guess I do. 
I really do!

Can you imagine how I feel when they called?
 Excited and overwhelmed! 
Plus some more they agreed to offer the pay I asked that is I think quite hard for others to offer.
 I did not take long to say 
‘Yes, I do’.

It is still too early to say but I think or perhaps I hope this would be ‘the office’ for me. 
Am excited to start tomorrow even bought a new shirt for my 1st day. =)

So, peeps...Wish me luck tomorrow! Hope this should be the ‘one’.


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