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Friday, April 2, 2010

stop spreading something that u guys dont know..

i received a phone call yesterday from a friend of mine..
it's been months since we last keep on updating stories..
suddenly she told me that she heard something not good about me..
n i was?what the hell man????how does rumours spread when u never or hardly keep in touch with others??
n so she told reaction??shocked n pissed off.of course..
at first felt mcm nk g serang org je..
but after sometimes..after talking with another old friend of mine..
yg pn dh lama giler tak kontek..
hearing his advice..
n think rationally..
i decided to let it go..
but frankly..
i'm so dissapointed with all of my friends..
well,at least to somelah..
yg spreading stories without knowing the truth..
tidak tahukah anda cerita tanpa usul periksa itu boleh menimbulkan fitnah?
dan andai cerita itu tidak benar ianya adlh fitnah..
fitnah yg boleh mengaibkan org..
now..i dont want to comment further or
pin point anyone..
just that..
a reminder to all my friends n to myself also..
stop spreading things that u dont really know the truth..
its bad..
really bad..


fiefa mohd ali.

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