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Thursday, April 22, 2010

hectic month!hope april ends fast.. there is another week for April!!!yeay!!!eager to end April but of course towards the end..much much more miserable..cause its the final exams..gosh!!!only 3 days to be exact before the exam starts and % of how much i have study???er...i would say 30%..hehehe..though my life have been upside down now..everyday after working came back home, sleep at about 9pm wakes up again at 2am or 3am..n stay all the way up till sunrise and off to work..sounds like i am really doing my studying right???ha..ha..ha..but no really..ngeh2..i'm facing some difficulties in focusing..well, i wakes up 2am..erm..normally 3am..perform my isyak prayer and sometimes sunat tahajud..then..i'll be studying maybe about 1 hour to 2 hrs..the max is 2 hrslah..but sometimes only half an hour..then i dont know what i'm doing..i try to adapt as many inputs as i can..but really..i cannot..and all of a sudden the sun rise..just the time i'm getting the mood to study again but i have to get ready to work..and that's why i always late to work..not because i wakes up late..hehehe...but though i'm late its just like 5 mins to 10 mins..hello!!!to the boss's wife (admin) does it really matters just 10mins???dont you consider how many minutes i stayed back before i go home???it's half an hour or hours sometimes...(ngee..lepas geram kt bini bos lak)hehehe..

anyhow, getting home is another thing..have to face traffic..sometimes really heavy...wah!mau gila aku cmni..but relax girl!chill out.take your class notes and begin reading it..yeah!it least it reduce my tensioness of the traffic and some knowledge is being absorbed..hee..though hardly finish any chapter..but at least a little bit here and there would make it, right????plus my monday paper is about managing people..personally i think you have to know basic knowledge + some theories and there you the exam hall..frying all the spices up to produce best recipe..apa lagi goreng jelah babe!!!hahaha..ckp senang..

hurm,another thing i said life is upside down now but i still got time to enjoy..last weekend spend some times with friends in Cameron..maybe i'll post in another entry..if i have the guts.. =P

meanwhile...have to study..cause tonight i dint sleep at 9pm..because waiting for mr 3 to call me...hardly been chatting with him this month of April as he is also busy with his life currntly...n so our schedule is not the same..never mindlah..have to do some sacrifcying kn????utk sape???utk kami jua..

well,wishing luck to no one is wishing me luck.. =) all the best in the exams!!selamat menggoreng!!yeah!!

go fiefa go fiefa go!!!


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