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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Australia,here I am. (part 1)

Dah seminggu menginap kat Brisbane, Australia ni.
Best ke? far I supposed ok lah kot.
ok je?takkan ok je kot?
Well, to tell the truth, I haven't been anywhere yet!
just pusing-pusing around the neighborhood etc only.
belum berkesempatan utk berjalan ke sana ke mari.
sbbnya I come here partly on a holiday and partly to work.

fuyooo...keje kat Oz tu.. lah sgt tu!

keje apa?



babysitter je?
jgn pandang rendah tau!
kat sini even gaji cleaner pn sebulan AUD2,000.
byk tu!
kali 3 =RM6,000.
korang taknak?hehehe..
aku belaja tinggi-tinggi,keje kt kl pn tak dpt gaji camtu lag...huhuhu..
agaknya itulah apa yg maid2 indon dtg keje kat Malaysia kan?
tapi..aku dtg sini jadi babysitter for my nephews je.
so takdelah aku dpt byrn setinggi tu kan?
uhuk2..lebih kpd dpt amalan pahala dgn dpt experience living in here jelah.

walaucamne pun..yeah!
I admit that this is really a nice country.
The people, the way they run their everyday live, their rules & obligations etc.
sgt menarik and I wonder can Malaysia or Malaysian be like this?
I hope we can and we will!

it's a good thing that I come here bukan sekadar utk holiday sbb kalau dtg untuk vacation, kita akan nmpk perspektif yang berbeza dgn kalau dtg utk tinggal.

stay tune if you want to know more about my experience here!

Oh! did I mentioned my 1st pitt stop when I reached here?
Of course, taste their delicious coffee and their famous activities here, picnic?

Pardon the ugly face!just got off the 8hrs plane and served with hot Cappuccino and home made burger. What a way to start the day.. ^_^

this is where we bought the coffee. takde pulok nama kedainya. it was cre8ive coffee.
and this is where we had our picnic. Lupa pulak namanya, tp hanya 10minits drive from Oolangata Airport,Gold Coast


Anonymous said...

nk tnye ,

klinik braces yg awk buat ni pnya latest operation hours mcm mne ek..
sori2.. interupt sini lak:D

teringin nk pakai braces, tp tgh cr klinik yang available weekend..

mcm mne u punya recommendation klinik ni? huuu tq sudi jawab:D

raihana latif said...

bpe lame stay sne fie???


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