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Thursday, May 13, 2010

2nd post for the day..

ok..i know..i know..its the 2nd post..hurm..i guest i'm just so bored + i'm missing boss is not around today..and he did not left me any i currently have no work to do..boleh ke cakap mcm tu?boleh lah..

i dont know what to do..dont know what to search in the net..bored of facebook..bored..bored..and bored...while my head is so my heart is so how do i describe??membuak buak?yeah right..buak2 to do something but i have to control..no2..no2...i have chose silence as my song for the whole i have to keep silent but i'm not a very silent person...apa aku ckp ni?ayat cam keling je..tak kisahlah..

i write because i feel like writing..ayat2 di sini bkn di reka2..bkn copy paste or not taken from any drama or come from the original me..the truth deep down inside my no matterlah org ckp aku ni drama queen ke..suka buat ayat dramalah..suka berdramalah..its just me..expressing my feelings..expressing my love..
writing is like a theraphy to me..not to say that i'm damn good at writing. i only writes what i feel currently especially when i'm emotionally not stable..that is why most of my writings is about me feeling doing that..most of it sad's kind of relieved release it the tension in my head, the ups and down in my heart..and normally i feel good after writing..

so dont be mad at me when i write about something..please..and i dont expect people to read what i wrote pun..sape yg nk baca ayat2 drama dari drama queen ni kan??sometimes bila i sedih or tgh tak keruan,mcm2 bnda yg i pikir..pikir itulah pikir inilah..and sometimes bnda tak patut..i mean cth mcm at a normal mode, i boleh trime kenyataan yg mcm ni, mcm bila tgh dtg angin yg ntah dari mana hala..mulalah i mcm mngada sket..pikir tu..pikr ni..tak boleh trime tu takleh trime ni..trukkan??ish2..pastulah mestilah ada kesan2 negatif dari apa2 yg aku pikir kn??

opps!!there u go..aku dh tertulis bnyk dh..OMG!i cant help it!it's my theraphy!and now i feel kind of lega..

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